Doors of Night
Guild Information
The Vision
Doors of Night has always been focused on being group of players and friends who above all else enjoy the game. Through our friendship, we make a name for ourselves in every game we play. In Guild Wars, the first game Doors of Night made an appearance in, we did this through small numbers (as pvp teams were only 8 players in size) who focused together to have fun. While we went into the Hall of Heroes and won many times getting our name announced to the whole world for each win, our real reputation was for screwing around. While we sometimes played to win, other times we played just to have fun. In games that averaged less than 5 minutes we would sometimes get a kick from creating compositions that would take an hour to play out – ending usually in a win for us or a forfeit for the other team. Our reputation and other unusual strategies meant that some of top ranked guild ladder teams at the time would often whisper at the start of the match to see if we were playing for keeps or having fun.

In Warhammer, Doors of Night seeks to make a name through having a strong community of friends with overwhelming numbers. Having a large community enables guildies to easily find other people interested in partying for RvR and PQs, or having fun in general. While the leadership organizes regular guild events, members are encouraged to (and frequently do) start up their own groups and events. The guild’s size and minimal requirements allows for players to participate as much or as little as they like. The leadership encourages community participation through earnable guild titles which are recorded in the Tome of Night. These titles focus on different aspects of guild participation and can be earned though participating in events, posting on the forums, or contributing to the guild in a variety of ways.

The guild formed in Guild Wars after Philomela and Diomedes (married IRL) became frustrated with their guild options. Friendly guilds they found lacked either the skill or focus (sometimes both) to progress. Guilds that had good progression were not only poor members of the community but were complete assholes to each other in guild. So they formed Doors of Night, a guild which desired to progress and maintain civility towards each other. After a few weeks of pick up matches in the Hall of Heroes (HoH) the two of them had made many friends. One night Philomela formed a group for HoH and using Diomedes’ strategy won round after round and took Hall of Heroes. The group played together for a few more nights and slowly one by one left their old guilds and joined up with Doors of Night. The guild stayed in GW for about 3-4 months before the group of players moved on to World of Warcraft. Doors of Night disbanded because they recognized they were too small of a guild to progress in WoW. The guild reformed for Vanguard during Beta3 but most of the members and the leadership decided that the game was not enjoyable. Guild members returned to their various games to pass time until the next release of an interesting game. This game ended up being Wahammer. You can check out the current status of the guild on the forums. Philomela and Diomedes are also playing Sam & Max, an old school style adventure game.

History of the Guild Name
Doors of Night is a reference to The Silmarillion, a work of JRR Tolkein. In 'The voyage of Earendil' he wrote:
....But Morgoth himself the Valar thrust through the doors of night beyond the walls of the world, into the timeless void...
By some other accounts, the Doors of Night were a passage for the Sun which would leave the world and return via the Gates of Morning. Hence the Doors of Night are the passage way to the place outside of the world. The place were Morgoth was exiled and the passage for the Sun to traverse the heavens.

Doors of Night was also a card from a CCG. It was published by Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE) which is now long out of business. The website logo is one of the images used on the Doors of Night card. Placing the card into play made your adventuring environment much more hostile and difficult, but frequently more rewarding.

Hence the guild takes its name from these ideas. We're a group adventuring together in the other world with the hopes of finding danger, adventure, and reward.