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Aion Day 2 (still in headstart)

  • Posted on September 22, 2009 at 1:42 pm

Aion Level 17Aion Ardus Shrine Level 17
Dio and I made it a good chunk of the way through level 17 last night (left). I think we might have made it further but we hit a lull in quests and the leveling rate slowed a bit. We ended back up at Ardus Shrine (right) which we spent a lot of time doing coin quests while playing Chinese Aion. While I feel burned out just being at the shrine after the grind in Chinese Aion, we didn’t need to do nearly as many turn ins in order to get to the point where we had quests available again.

We also worked on crafting a little bit. I’m leveling armor smithing and he’s leveling weapon smithing. I am taking notes atm and am considering making a guide to leveling armor smithing. Right now I learned that while you can save money using the level 1 work order to reach level 40 you do so at the cost of time and lost chances of better patterns and it isn’t seeming worth it.

Tip: Beware Bubblegut
The other tip I have for people so far is to watch out for Bubblegut. He is a named slime hiding among a bunch of slimes in a pond. Last night I saw a bunch of people pull him and die. I don’t know if they mistook him for just another slime or if they failed to read the quest which explains that he has a protective shield that makes him near if not impossible to solo and a Slow process for a party. Since your quest giver is in the know, he provides you with 2 vials that remove the shielding and make him soloable. You get 2 vials because he recasts the shield if you drag him out of the water or the minute you aggro him (so you can’t use the vial then pull). The quest giver will also give you more vials if you use up the ones you start with.
Aion Bubblegut
Pictured above is the inspiration for this tip. Dio tried to explain to them about the vials since it took us less than a minute to kill him. However, this group spent over 15 minutes to kill him through the shield just to give you an idea how much harder he is without the vials.