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Talk like a Pirate Day Party

  • Posted on September 20, 2009 at 10:07 am

A grand festive celebration of Talk like a Pirate was held fer Me and Captain Diomedes’ Mateys.
Pirate Party
Libations fit fer a Captain
Pirate Party Libations
A Mighty Grand Booty
Pirate Party TreasurePirate Party Turtle
Great Grand Treasure Chest and Badge fer t’ Best Pirate Talk
Pirate Party Booty
Festive Dishes
Pirate Party Dishes
Cupcake Tower with more of the yummy Chocolate Rum Cupcakes that were featured yesterday.
Pirate Party Cupcakes
Chocolate Rum Cupcakes with Pirate Ghost Picks
Pirate Party Pirate Cupcake GreenPirate Party Pirate Cupcake Orange
Rice Krispies with Edible Pirate Decals
Pirate Party Rice KrispiesPirate Party Rice Krispies
Skull Suckers & Gummy Pirate Teeth
Skull SuckersPirate Party Teeth

Diomedes’s Birthday

  • Posted on April 19, 2008 at 6:46 pm

For Dio’s Birthday this year he requested video game themed party. All of the food (except the liquor) was made to fit this request.

Marioland Assorted Desserts

Goomba Cupcake
The whole theme revolved around Dio’s request to have “1-up cakes” at his birthday party (the green mushrooms in Mario games). So in addition to making the 1-ups, I also made cupcake growth mushrooms (red mushrooms), cupcake Goombas (the little browns enemies), pineapple vodka Jell-o jiggler stars, rice krispy treat blocks, cupcake turtles, cupcake pipes (made in green ice cream cones), and garnished the landscape with gold foil covered chocolate coins and a bubble gum disk with a picture of Mario and Luigi.

Packman Cheese Tray

Packman Cheese Tray
Packman was made from a cheddar cheese wheel with black olive eye. Mrs. Packman was made from goat cheese pressed into a wheel then covered with curry spices with an olive eye and a red pepper bow. Ghosts are made from MEEEAAAT and provolone cheese. Pirate’s cannon balls are white cheddar cheese puffs that make up the little white dots. Strawberries, brandy dipped cherries, and mini bananas for the super point fruits. Yeah, the crackers really aren’t apart of the theme.

Katamari Ball Cake

Katamari Ball
The cake is a lie. It is a rice krispy ball dipped in chocolate. Chocolate is then used to adhere the candy objects. I then added animal shaped candles. If you ever make one of these don’t explain to the lady at the candy store why you are hunting down sweettart legos and gummy soldiers, they will give you very strange looks when you explain that a katamari ball is a sticky ball that eventually gets large enough to roll over Japanese school girls.

Triforce Cheesecake

Triforce Cheesecake
I have to confess that I didn’t have time so I bought my cheesecake and just did the decorations. In order to decorate this item, just cut it into a triangle, then section off the center section by pressing paper towels (no texture) over the corners, dust center with cocoa powder, and remove paper towels. I added lines at the edge of the cocoa powder to make it a sharper edge.

Mario Fireflower Veggie Tray

Fireflower Veggie Tray
The red section is a combination of radishes, red peppers, and strawberry tomatoes. In the yellow section I used yellow peppers and these small round yellow orange tomatoes. The white center is of course dip and I added black olive eyes (split them longways in half). The stem is a sliced up cucumber with leaves of broccoli and green peppers.

The Bar

The Bar
Featured mango margarita mix, absinthe, pineapple vodka jell-o shot stars, and voyant (a chai cream which was rather good) in addition to all of the standards.

Things have been busy

  • Posted on April 17, 2007 at 6:44 pm

Between the stolen car, the couch, 2 bad eBay auctions, and work I have been a “little” busy this past month. I don’t have much more time right now but I wanted to toss out some updates on how things are going.

The Couch

After giving me back my money, I never heard anything else about the situation from my credit card. Dio and I bought a different couch from Wick’s Furniture after checking them out with the Better Business Bureau. Ordered it on Tuesday April 3rd and it was delivered on Saturday April 7th. It is a 3 piece sectional that is huge, soft, and red. The day it was delivered we went out and rented movies. There is so much space that both of us can layout completely without bothering the other. We also picked up a big round cream colored chair for me to sit on and work at my computer. Dio also bought me a large jewelry armoire but it is on back order.

Lunch Talk #2

This talk went even better than the first. Last time we planned on 100 and 250 people attended. This time I didn’t take any chances, I planned on food for 300 people, room capacity. We had more than 325 people show up and those beyond the 325 we had to turn away for fire code. Five minutes before the talk started we tore down the food tables and replaced them with the extra 25 chairs. Without removing those tables there would not have been space for the extra 25. Beyond the popularity shown by attendance, I have also been getting pats on the back that “this is the lunch speaker series that is setting the standards for everyone else.” Our donors at the center are happy too. Unfortunately, our event sponsor became sick and was not able to attend this event as he had been planning.

Office Assistants

I have been working way too many hours for the past two months so my boss approved letting me get some office assistants. I get to hire two undergraduate students for 10-15 hours per week. I found one and she is doing a great job. The search for the other one has been less than productive. Fifty applications later and I wonder about the intelligence of the students at my alma mater. Granted the last quarter of school is the absolute worst time to find a skilled worker who does not already have a job.

Office Assistant Interviews

My last interview was with a “beauty pageant contestant.” I don’t think she gave an answer without first flipping her hair and then feeding me some line that she thought I wanted to hear which typically conflicted with something she earlier stated. My favorite line was that she wanted to hold a position that kept her moving and doing something different all the time. This statement was followed by “but I can also sit still and just do data entry and file paperwork all day long.” Those ideas just don’t agree with one another. She was also very persistent in telling me she was from Ohio. I am not mocking Ohio, but coming from the Midwest myself, there is not as much interesting about it as she made there out to be. I asked her to tell me about herself and every other line included “in Ohio.” I told her the potential existed to continue this position through the summer (the very position she was interviewing for) and she told me she would rather go back to Ohio. So I will let her go back to Ohio and I will be interviewing three more people this week. I am hoping these go better than the last five interviews.

I hit a new level of crazy

While working 50-60 hours a week this past two months, I decided that it would be a good idea for me to apply for an MBA. So I am filling out my application form, rounding up my letters of recommendation, and trying to write compelling essays that will differentiate me from every other applicant. So far I have two really solid people willing to write my letters and I have three out of the five essays done. Part of my benefits includes half tuition (since I work at a University) and I thought getting an MBA would be a great way to develop contacts that will aid the center. I am hoping that my work will pick up the other half of the cost because it would be an amazing asset to the center since most of the donors are alumni and I would become part of their network.

I attended an informational meeting and I was definitely noticed. Now whether it is a good thing is another matter. This past week I have been suffering from allergies with all of the coughing, sneezing, sore throat, watery eyes, you name it symptoms. While sitting in the middle of the front row of a room of more than one hundred people, all watching the MBA presentation, I had a coughing fit. I had to stand up and walk out because I could not catch my breath. I was met outside by no less than five people all checking on my welfare. So as any good entrepreneur I took the opportunity to introduce myself, give them a business card, and invite them to the next event my center was hosting. Since I also work for the University I am applying to there was instantly the “oh I know you” or “one of us” remark. I know it was the smoothest means I have ever used to get myself noticed but I did get noticed. I am still not sure if this was a good thing though.


I threw a party for Dio’s co-workers on Saturday. It seemed to go well. I had way too much food and drink and tons are left over sitting around messing with my diet. The party consisted of drinking, playing the Wii, and playing DDR. For those people completely out of the gaming loop, the Wii is the new Nintendo gaming system where the remote senses movement so you play computer tennis by “playing tennis” and DDR is a game called Dance Dance Revolution where you step in time to the beats on the screen. I have never seen Dio play DDR for more than an hour straight but everyone wanted to play him rather than each other. Dio is quite good and a lot of fun to watch but he looked like he was about to drop after playing for so long.

Dio’s new toy

We are going to Hawaii and Dio wanted to buy a video camera to record the event. This week the video camera Dio has been waiting for finally came out. The camera is the first high definition digital camcorder to shoot in 1080p. He has been playing with his new toy and has some great footage of his parents. When he gets the video editing software from New Egg I am looking forward to having some embarrassing videos of my in-laws to share. He wants to practice working with the so we can get some great videos of Hawaii.