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WARNING! Jennifer Convertibles stole my money.

  • Posted on March 17, 2007 at 6:44 pm

So besides the fun with the stolen car I have been dealing with a bunk couch delivery. I ordered a couch back on January 13, 2007. I was told it would be about a month before they delivered it but I would have it by the end of February with no issue. I still do not have a couch and the store I ordered from is out of business.

I wait patiently anticipating where to place my couch but then mid-February comes and I can’t get through to them on the phone number given on my receipt. The phone rings and no one or no answering machine answers. I get kind of worried so on February 16, 2007 I contact their website ( and find “Customer Care.” There is no contact information just a form you can fill out so they can email you. After filling out the form they let you know it will take a week to get back to you. This was not a reassuring thing in the least but on February 22, 2007 I finally get a reply:

Good afternoon,

I have forwarded your email to the appropriate person and showroom responsible for the issues you are experiencing. They should be contacting you within 24-48 hours, if you do not hear from them, please notify me.

Thank you for contacting Jennifer Convertibles.


Teresa Dilone

Customer Claims Rep.

Jennifer Convertibles Inc.

I get a phone call informing me that my couch will be delivered on February 27, 2007. On February 26, 2007 I get a confirmation call telling me to expect them to arrive between 9am and 1pm the next day. I wait with great anticipation for the couch. All my furniture has been pushed aside and the house torn up to make space for them to move in the couch. 1:30 rolls around and no one has come so I make a call to find out what the delay is. The reply was well it is an all day delivery and I can’t contact the delivery people. So I hang up and wait.

When 4:30 rolls around I call again. It is almost the end of the work day and I wanted to know if they really were going to be there by 5pm. This time he informs me that all day delivery means that I have to wait until 9pm. So at this point I really don’t think that the couch is coming but I still stay home all night and wait. At 9pm I am terribly disappointed and rather pissed. I asked him politely twice to contact the delivery company and he just told me to wait all day.

Around noon the next day I call the store to let them know that I did not receive my couch and to express my displeasure and unhappiness about spending an entire day waiting for a couch that did not arrive. I informed him that my Birthday was coming up this weekend and I will be having company and I was supposed to have my couch by then. I asked him how he was going to fix things. Ryan informed me that he would call me within two hours to let me know what happened and to take care of things.

Two Days Pass

It is now Friday. I call the store again. I would have called on Thursday but I had the big lunch talk at work and was rather busy. This made missing work on Tuesday and not getting my couch that much worse. I get Ryan on the phone again. He makes a lame excuse that he did not call me back because he didn’t hear anything on Wednesday from the delivery company. However, he explained that he got an email from them yesterday and began explaining to me what happened. Well, they seem to have taken you off the delivery list for Tuesday without telling us that they were doing that.

At this point I am fairly mad but politely point out that it is afternoon on Friday and he had all morning to call me since he was off yesterday and that even if he did not know anything on Wednesday he could have done me the courtesy to call and tell me as much. I then reiterated that I had a company on Saturday for my birthday and was he going to be able to make this up to me and deliver the couch by noon on Saturday. Ryan tells me that the delivery calendar was full already and that he could not schedule me then. I reiterated how unhappy I was with the situation and asked him what he was going to do to fix this. He informed me that he would call to schedule my delivery on March 10, 2007. He told me he would call me back for sure this time in just a bit to confirm.

When he actually does call back that day he tells me that he cannot have my couch delivered that day and they will not be able to schedule the couch delivery until March 24, 2007. I told him that this was unacceptable as it was more than a month later than promised. I asked him for the phone number of the delivery company that I wanted to speak with them directly. He said that they do not answer their phone and the only way to reach them is to email them. He refused to give me the email address making up BS excuses like it will take days before they answer. WHY would you ever do business with a company that will not answer a phone and takes days to answer? I guess this doesn’t matter to such a shady company like Jennifer Convertibles.

After some more discussion and constant references to I will have to ask my manager, I just flat out told him I would be happy to ask the manager directly. Please transfer me to him. Instead I was given a phone number, no name, and an extension. Of course when I call it no one answers. I leave a message with my name number and a request to have my call returned. To this day no one has returned that call.

I hang up and start typing away in gtalk to Dio. Dio begins to link me to other people who have had bad experiences with Jennifer Convertibles. Below are some links to some of the things he found on a quick search. Unfortunately, this was after we ordered and paid In Full for a couch from them. The horror stories and law suits convince me that I should give up getting my couch and just try to get my money back.

I call Ryan on the phone and inform him that I was unable to reach his boss. That my husband and I spoke and we wanted all of our money back with no deductions for restocking and cancellation fees since they have failed to deliver my couch. He agreed and confirmed the credit card information in order to make the refund. Before I hung up, he informed me that it would be run through today but would take a day to clear.

After a week of checking my credit card account, I know that he is not refunding my money. On Saturday we drive out to the store to take care of things. When we arrive the store looks like this:


It is out of business. I relax a little because at this point I am certain the credit card will have no issues refunding my money. No arguments to be had with them over why was I not given my money; no more BS. I take some pictures on my new phone and Dio and I have a nice lunch followed by a trip to a gaming store. I kind of feel lucky they went out of business after the horror stories I read about waiting for months, finally getting the furniture, and it being broken.

I called the credit card company on Monday and filed dispute claims. My money was back in my account in a few hours. They informed me that given the circumstances this should be a fairly straightforward since I had the pictures and a call time line.

Hopefully, this will help someone else avoid the hassles that I have been through.