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Halloween Cupcakes

  • Posted on October 31, 2008 at 6:44 pm

Happy Halloween!  In order to make up for canceling my Halloween party, I baked 4 dozen Halloween cupcakes to share with friends.  They were a huge hit and really easy to make so I thought I would share how make them.

Spider Cupcakes

Halloween Spider Cupcakes
1) Bake and cool your cupcakes in wrappers. I found the spider themed cupcake wrappers at a local party store.
2) Make (or buy your icing). In the picture above the dark icing is a chocolate fudge and the orange icing is cream cheese. I used some of the cream cheese icing for the webs.
3) Ice your cupcakes just like you normally would ice a cupcake. Try to get it smooth but it does not have to be perfect.
4) Create a make-shift decorating bag by filling a sturdy ziploc bag (best to use the freezer ones) with cream cheese icing. It took me about 1 cup of icing for 4 dozen webs. Leave the bag open and mush the icing into one corner. Twist at the bag closed at the top of the icing so it does not squeeze out the top. Clip a small corner of the bag to allow the icing to squeeze out.
5) Make the spokes of the web by drawing a line across the diameter of the cupcake. Drawn two more lines like this that divide the top of the cupcake into six pie shaped pieces.
6) Start just a hair from the center and make a hexagon around the spokes. Move out just a hair and drawn another one. Then drawn a third slightly bigger. A few times the cupcake looked liked it needed a 4th but 3 was typically good.
7) Stick a spider ring into the cupcake. These are those cheap plastic rings you had as a kid and they are available at party supply stores and a lot of places that carry Halloween stuff. Make sure you washed it first.