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Alliances & Mission Glitches

  • Posted on September 24, 2009 at 3:00 pm

Aion Level 21
We ended yesterday at level 21 in Eltnen Fortress. Finishing the Krall quests and moving to a new zone was such a relief. I was so sick of the area by the time we were done that I just bought the last Krall Ration off the AH for 10,000 kinah (Aion gold) just to get it done.
Aion Krall Fly OverAion Krall Portal
One of the more frustrating aspects of the Krall area was having one of the final quests bug out. Apparently if you try to complete the Sealing the Abyssal Gate mission while in an alliance, you find yourself unable to teleport into the Abyss to kill the final guy and polish off the mission. Unfortunately, we discovered that leaving the alliance does not fix the zoning issue. We stood there for at least ten minutes trying different things like changing zones before we just tried relogging and hoping that we didn’t get caught in a cue. The first person loaded in from relogging wasn’t able to zone in. However, we found if we relogged and then joined a group before trying to zone through the portal it seemed to fix the issue. Once inside it was easier than the pulls we took getting to the gate.
Aion Verteron Observatory
On a random side note, the flight path from Verteron to the Observatory has a very Myst like quality as you start the final landing trajectory.

Aion Release Day

  • Posted on September 23, 2009 at 4:36 pm

Aion Pre-Order Gear
Launch day arrived and the head-start’s over.  Since I wasn’t able to take off work and make the most of it, we only reached level 19 yesterday.  On the upside this also means that my collectors edition arrived in the mail and I was able to add on all of the niffy in game stuff to my account.  Since we ordered through Dio and I have a toy that gives us a wind resistance buff and puts a flashy circle at our feet of wind swept leaves which imho looks much better than the other elemental circles which are just a bright color.  In the above picture, I am also sporting the exclusive hat and title “Settler of Aion.”  Among the other fun bobbles we received two dances, the Hip-Hop and the Aion Boogie, a pair of earrings that I can’t wear yet, dye, an experience increase item, and a pair of wings with a longer flight timer that I can equip at level 30.

The wings were one of the biggest perks since the flight timer never feels like it’s long enough.  Flying is a nice over compensation for not being able to jump in Guild Wars (something that received a lot of flak).  They have even gone so far as to improve your abilities while you are in flight; for example, my cleric healing improves while flying.  The downside to flight (besides the timer) is that you can’t fly everywhere in game.  You bump into invisible force fields and you have to hoof it on foot through many zones.
Aion Flight
Legions are in full swing and from my understanding there are three that already hate each other on Siel.  Thankfully, the rivalry is on the Asmodian side.  On the Elyos side we have been blessed with a guild called “Benny Lava” lead by a character called Naruto who shouts “Believe it!” in general chat and another guild called “Surprise Buttsec” that’s just asking for the ban-hammer.
Aion Guild Ban

Aion Day 2 (still in headstart)

  • Posted on September 22, 2009 at 1:42 pm

Aion Level 17Aion Ardus Shrine Level 17
Dio and I made it a good chunk of the way through level 17 last night (left). I think we might have made it further but we hit a lull in quests and the leveling rate slowed a bit. We ended back up at Ardus Shrine (right) which we spent a lot of time doing coin quests while playing Chinese Aion. While I feel burned out just being at the shrine after the grind in Chinese Aion, we didn’t need to do nearly as many turn ins in order to get to the point where we had quests available again.

We also worked on crafting a little bit. I’m leveling armor smithing and he’s leveling weapon smithing. I am taking notes atm and am considering making a guide to leveling armor smithing. Right now I learned that while you can save money using the level 1 work order to reach level 40 you do so at the cost of time and lost chances of better patterns and it isn’t seeming worth it.

Tip: Beware Bubblegut
The other tip I have for people so far is to watch out for Bubblegut. He is a named slime hiding among a bunch of slimes in a pond. Last night I saw a bunch of people pull him and die. I don’t know if they mistook him for just another slime or if they failed to read the quest which explains that he has a protective shield that makes him near if not impossible to solo and a Slow process for a party. Since your quest giver is in the know, he provides you with 2 vials that remove the shielding and make him soloable. You get 2 vials because he recasts the shield if you drag him out of the water or the minute you aggro him (so you can’t use the vial then pull). The quest giver will also give you more vials if you use up the ones you start with.
Aion Bubblegut
Pictured above is the inspiration for this tip. Dio tried to explain to them about the vials since it took us less than a minute to kill him. However, this group spent over 15 minutes to kill him through the shield just to give you an idea how much harder he is without the vials.

Aion’s Live for those with a Pre-Order

  • Posted on September 21, 2009 at 8:03 am

Aion Level 15
After yesterday, Diomedes and I are level 15. We had to catch some sleep and stop around midnight because we both had work today. If it wasn’t for my new job, we would have taken the week off. We want to get as much of a head start as possible before the servers open up to everyone. If you are looking to catch up with us in game we rolled on Siel as Elyos. We were lucky to reserve our names in time to get Philomela and Dio for our cleric and gladiator.

Blizzcon 2009 Registration & Swag Bag

  • Posted on August 20, 2009 at 6:34 pm

Blizzcon 2009 Registration
After standing in lines for a few hours we registered and picked up our swag bag. I was really expecting fun things given last year’s pally bubble beach ball and other miscellaneous toys.
Blizzcon 2009 Swag Bag
This year they gave us a Rayner Noob and not much else which was pretty fail on Blizzards part. I know that Starcraft 2 is about to come out and that the Noob is a more expensive toy but I would have much preferred the diversity of previous years. If you aren’t a Starcraft fan and a figurine fan, then this just wasn’t worth it. We also received a Starcraft Authenticator and again not really a Starcraft fan. Besides a Blizzcon bottle of hand sanitizer, the rest of the swag bag was filled with miscellaneous advertisements.

We did get an in game World of Warcraft Murloc Space Marine pet called “Grunty” tucked in our ID tag. However, so did all of the people watching Blizzcon at home. It isn’t my favorite pet ever and again it is a little too Starcraft focused.

Full Swag Bag & ID contents as pictured:
Rayner Noob
Blizzcon Souvenir Program Advertisement
JINX Advertisement
Intel Advertisement
WoW Stein Advertisement
Laguna Art Museum Advertisement
Grunty, Murloc Space Marine WoW Pet
Blizzard Hand Sanitizer
World of Warcraft Magazine Advertisement
Razor Advertisement
Quest Bookmark Advertisement – take a tour of Blizzcon Sponsor Booths
Name Badge
Steelcase Advertisement
Map/Schedule of Blizzcon
Nvidia Advertisement
Blizzard is Hiring Advertisement
Starcraft Authenticator
Blizzcon Bag

Aion Beta & Dueling

  • Posted on July 20, 2009 at 12:41 pm

We have pre-ordered Aion which has let us get into the NA betas. We have primarily been checking out races and classes so that we know what to role at launch. So far I have settled on a Cleric which is the primary healing class since the game’s focus (or at least my focus in game) will be PvP. Having also played the other branch of the priest class, the chanter, I know that they are pretty much it for heals as the more ret pally off shoot heals as well as say a ret pally. Dio is still up in the air on the class issue and we haven’t picked sides (Elyos vs. Asmodians) as of yet even though we have rolled at least a lvl 13 on each side.

We did take a leveling break for a few hours and started a whole dueling arena going in one of the towns. I was amused when another player, who dueled me and lost by no small margin, asked to post the video on youtube. Since I won of course I was fine with the posting. You can see the clip of our duel below and you get a few glances of one of Dio’s duels on the sorc Lyssea which crossed over into this guys view during the match.

Rock Band and WoW

  • Posted on December 10, 2008 at 6:43 pm

If you are looking to catch up with Dio and I in a game we are currently playing WoW and Rock Band. Our druid and warrior are level 80 and we have joined the ranks of people who own Rock Band 2.

Doors of Night Heraldry

  • Posted on November 5, 2008 at 6:44 pm

After posting the reveal on the Doors of Night Warhammer heraldry in the forums, I thought it might be nice to look back on previous heraldry chosen in other games. While the games have changed and with it the styles, Doors of Night has kept with the Black/White/Grey colors. From left to right we have the heraldry from Guild Wars, World of Warcraft, and Warhammer.

GW cape WoW tabard WAR Heraldry

Playing Catch Up

  • Posted on May 28, 2008 at 6:45 pm

Sorry to have missed posting last week. I have been working on my Brewfest site which I will reveal later when it is a bit more complete.

I finally finished leveling my lock to 70 and with a long weekend I spent most of it beginning the reputation and gear grind.

I have also been neglecting my Gaia gatherings with the month coming to a close I almost missed picking up my May Thank You Letter. They also added a “Badge” to be included to link to from other sites. I plan to find a home for my badge someday.

Leaving Attrition

  • Posted on May 6, 2008 at 6:46 pm

I am posting my goodbye message on my website because I know that my access to Attrition forums has been removed.

Last night I left Attrition after Tydeus pointed out that I had a new officer note that was of an unkind and untrue nature. Whoever placed the officer’s note was obviously unaware that I was able to see it. The officers note read:

“1 feral/tendancy to flip out”

Officer Note

While this may seem “tame,” as I have heard that it has been called, it is still an attack on my character by an officer. No matter how minor, I should not have to feel like I am being silently attacked while playing a video game. While I do believe that many of the people in Attrition do not feel this way, and that this is the actions of a single individual, I do not feel like I can reside in a guild where extremely passive aggressive sentiments and actions are directed towards me. Things like that officer’s note can directly impact how people interact with you and I have had bad experiences before in a guild where this sort of action lead to me being extremely unhappy as it was just a warning light of what was to come.

While many people may believe that my leaving over the note is a bit of an extreme reaction, I feel like my leaving was not because of the note itself but because of what the note represented. Last night I had a conversation with Icon about this note and in summation he much told me that no one felt that way and that every one loved Tyd and myself. Not more than an hour later, a couple of Attrition members let me know that Icon, himself, said that I really did flip out a lot and that Tydeus was likely drinking because he is always an asshole when he does. I feel like everything Icon typed in guild just justified that my leaving was not an incorrect choice.

While some of you reading this may disagree (as apparently Icon and the note writer do), I do not have a “tendency to flip out.” I did not even “flip out” as I was leaving. I was quite upset and hurt but I did not make a scene, I did not start yelling at people, and after everything I heard being said after I left (all be it second hand), I believe that I took the officer’s note as exactly what it was – a warning of a true passive aggressive attitude towards me. Getting upset over a personal attack is typically considered a justified reaction.

To all of those people that are my friends, I will desperately miss raiding with you. However, I would like to not miss you all together, so please keep in touch. If you whisper me in game I will get you set up with an account on my forums so you can always find me and Dio in any game. I have a personal vent server that you are welcome to hang out in. And finally, I would still love to group with you in game.