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Aion Beta & Dueling

  • Posted on July 20, 2009 at 12:41 pm

We have pre-ordered Aion which has let us get into the NA betas. We have primarily been checking out races and classes so that we know what to role at launch. So far I have settled on a Cleric which is the primary healing class since the game’s focus (or at least my focus in game) will be PvP. Having also played the other branch of the priest class, the chanter, I know that they are pretty much it for heals as the more ret pally off shoot heals as well as say a ret pally. Dio is still up in the air on the class issue and we haven’t picked sides (Elyos vs. Asmodians) as of yet even though we have rolled at least a lvl 13 on each side.

We did take a leveling break for a few hours and started a whole dueling arena going in one of the towns. I was amused when another player, who dueled me and lost by no small margin, asked to post the video on youtube. Since I won of course I was fine with the posting. You can see the clip of our duel below and you get a few glances of one of Dio’s duels on the sorc Lyssea which crossed over into this guys view during the match.