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A cold night

  • Posted on November 20, 2008 at 6:43 pm

Walking out of work Monday night I was greeted with the first snow of the season.  The campus looked beautiful as the snow sparkled in the street lights.  Snow and glass sparkled on the driver side back seat as I opened the door to toss in my bags.  Until that moment my fascination with the falling snow had distracted me from the biting cold midway winds.   The lengthy call to the police was futile as they first chastised me for using 911 instead of 311 and then the person from 311 hide laughter at the idea that someone would actually come out to collect evidence.   The bitter winds were an added irritation to the police call as I had to rummage through my car to discover what was missing.  Thankfully the thief seemed to miss the more important items like 2 pair of expensive sunglasses going instead for the change tray and the 24 pack of bottled water that was in my trunk.  (Yes, I really said bottled water. I guess hard working criminals need to keep hydrated.)  The change tray, unfortunately, included a pair of gold earrings.  At first I had thought that he managed to snag more items like my registration/insurance info and the glasses but later found that he just moved a ton of things around in what I guess was a hunt for my iPod (located safely on my person) that the car charger belonged to.  The thief also managed to leave behind his tools and roll of tape so I would guess that he didn’t have the successful heist he anticipated.  The drive home was especially frigid driving on the highway since I was not able to close the window.  Being the beginning of the snowy season, I also didn’t have earmuffs, scarves, or mittens the whole night.

They found it!?!?!?!?!

  • Posted on March 14, 2007 at 6:44 pm

So last Friday morning at 7:10 Dio answers the phone and it is the police letting us know that they found the car and “its drivable come get it.”

The worst of all possibilities flood through my thoughts as we drive to the location described. They told us nothing about the car before getting there and they were about as helpful when we got there. The officer waiting to meet us could have been a parrot for as much as I heard him say, “I am not the one who found the car, I don’t know anything about what happened.” My only real clues are a parking ticket, which is faded to the point of being illegible in many parts, and some oil pen writing on my window.

What my car looks like (dum dum DUUUUMM):

It looks like nothing happened. The stuff is inside, no damage to the steering column, and least of all it doesn’t look like it was crashed horribly.

On Monday I take it in to the shop and I am not so lucky as to have the mechanic find nothing wrong. However, at about $500 it is still less than my deductible so I guess I will just eat the cost. At least I don’t have to pay the parking tickets.

Now the only nagging thing left is “How did my car get from where I parked it to where it was ticketed” There is still no official report from the cops as to what happened to the car between Tues and Thurs at 11:30 when it was towed. I have heard lots of theories.

Theory 1

I parked illegally and got towed by the cops. Not really a possibility because they do not have a record of towing me and they deny this. Plus I was legally parked.

Theory 2

I was moved because I was in a snow route. This is the most retarded of all. There was no snow that day.

Theory 3

I was towed by a private company trying to get to another car and while I was supposed to be put back, they were just dicks and left me parked elsewhere illegally. While they are required to tell the police they moved me, they just didn’t bother. This has some real possibilities.

Theory 4

I was picked up by the chop shop and dropped a few blocks away to see if on-star or a lojack would alert the authorities to the cars location. I like this theory but I don’t have any proof that it is true.

There are others but if I list them all I begin to sound like a conspiracy theorist. I mean really, “the cops moved my car to an illegal parking place just so they can ticket and tow me.” I couldn’t believe that people were coming up with theories like that one.

My car was stolen

  • Posted on March 7, 2007 at 5:44 pm

I parked my car around 8:30 on the campus of the university that I work at and came back around 4:45 to find that it was not there. Of course, you have the brief thought “Did I not park it here today?” but that is quickly dismissed by the fact that you carried several dozen baked goods into work from your car and you are quite sure that is how far you had to walk. So I call Dio and can’t reach him. Then I call my Dad. I wanted to hear something reassuring like “it is likely to just have been towed.” Instead I hear “look around for tow signs if there aren’t any you should call the police.” I knew there was no tow signs because I have parked there most of the last year. I knew I had to call the police.

So I call the cops and let them know “My car is not where I left it this morning.” I am glad the cop found this amusing because he gave a short chuckle when he told me he would see if my car had been towed. It was the kind of chuckle that told me he thought it was stolen too but he knew that I was hoping it was towed and I had a nice big fine coming to me. Of course he verbally confirms to me “We don’t have your car. Your car was stolen.” After about thirty minutes of filing a report and I hung up with the report number and the advice I can call every two days to check.

My day only gets worse, I get a hold of Dio and he takes a train to meet me. For those of you not guessing this already, we only have one car. I head back to my office so that I can call my insurance. I answer another half hour list of questions and am informed that I get a rental car. This was a bright side. I hang up and wait for the rental car company to call me (as the insurance people are setting this up).

The rental place calls after 10-15 minutes. I hear “This is Jordan from enterprise, is this Philomela?” “Yes this is Philomela.. .” I get disconnected. No matter what T-mobile says I get my calls dropped all the time. He does not call back. So 20 min later I recall my insurance who says they will take with Enterprise again and to wait for the call. No call ever comes and 45 minutes later Dio and I walk to the train.

For brevity the train is 30 minutes late and we barely catch the connecting train home. Mind you we were torn between getting food and then catching a train or just getting home and this would have been enough time to eat. When I finally got home it was almost ten before I started making food.

I have to wait 3o days before my insurance will take action about my car. I expect I will be getting a new car in 30 days and a new cell phone company much sooner. Bye Bye T-mobile you have sucked for the last time.

Last little bit of humor here. My car is almost exactly a year old. I bought a car last year (within days of today) because Dio’s bike was stolen and we decided that it was time to get a car rather than replacing the bike and all of the racks and such we needed for groceries. So if my bike gets stolen and I get a new car, what do I get if my car gets stolen?