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Blizzcon 2009 Registration & Swag Bag

  • Posted on August 20, 2009 at 6:34 pm

Blizzcon 2009 Registration
After standing in lines for a few hours we registered and picked up our swag bag. I was really expecting fun things given last year’s pally bubble beach ball and other miscellaneous toys.
Blizzcon 2009 Swag Bag
This year they gave us a Rayner Noob and not much else which was pretty fail on Blizzards part. I know that Starcraft 2 is about to come out and that the Noob is a more expensive toy but I would have much preferred the diversity of previous years. If you aren’t a Starcraft fan and a figurine fan, then this just wasn’t worth it. We also received a Starcraft Authenticator and again not really a Starcraft fan. Besides a Blizzcon bottle of hand sanitizer, the rest of the swag bag was filled with miscellaneous advertisements.

We did get an in game World of Warcraft Murloc Space Marine pet called “Grunty” tucked in our ID tag. However, so did all of the people watching Blizzcon at home. It isn’t my favorite pet ever and again it is a little too Starcraft focused.

Full Swag Bag & ID contents as pictured:
Rayner Noob
Blizzcon Souvenir Program Advertisement
JINX Advertisement
Intel Advertisement
WoW Stein Advertisement
Laguna Art Museum Advertisement
Grunty, Murloc Space Marine WoW Pet
Blizzard Hand Sanitizer
World of Warcraft Magazine Advertisement
Razor Advertisement
Quest Bookmark Advertisement – take a tour of Blizzcon Sponsor Booths
Name Badge
Steelcase Advertisement
Map/Schedule of Blizzcon
Nvidia Advertisement
Blizzard is Hiring Advertisement
Starcraft Authenticator
Blizzcon Bag