Level 48.5

  • 25 January 2010

I wrapped up this double exp weekend at 48. I’ve got about a level and a half before I ding 50 and I’m super happy that the grind is almost over. Most of the weekend was spent grinding but a trip to Theo Labs left me just one campaign quest away from unlocking the Hidden Truth Quests. In Theo Labs, I was rather amused by the “Ghostbuster’s” boss (bottom right).

Aion Cracked Nuhas Tree'dAion Nomura
Aion Theo LabsAion Naughty Pocaching

Dio and I also hopped in a few Dredgion groups. However, we had some rather unfortunate pairings including hitting a pre-made of the highest ranked Asmodian guild. Our non-50 group didn’t stand much of a chance but it still wasn’t horrible AP.

I spent time leveling Philomela’s alchemy and armorsmithing, which had been on hold for cost issues. She’s up to 370 alchemy and 238 armorsmithing; getting double exp for the levels was especially nice. I’ve also been rounding up the mats for her alchemy 400 quest. It’s been really expensive and just how expensive will depend on luck; I’ve got to proc a proc to make one of the quest turn ins. The other turn in I have waiting in the bank; I felt lucky to have that craft proc on the second try. I’ve also maxed out vitality extraction though I’m only at 325 for the aether extraction skill.

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  1. Pyker - May 31, 2010 at 1:20 am

    i had trouble finding an e-mail or loggin into forums, so i say hi here :) how’ve you guys been? send me a mail or something

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