Level 37 and out of the Rut 

  • 7 December 2009

Dio and I spent way too long at level 36. It was such a miserable level with no good grinding areas (better now that bots got the ban) and we were in the wrong range for instances and group grinds. Between it being such a miserable level and hosting Thanksgiving, it’s been weeks that we were stuck at 36. After hitting 37 early on Sunday, we’ve been blowing through the level.

Aion KHQ 4-Man Farming

At level 37 we started the Kaiden Head Quarters (KHQ) grind and it was super productive both in terms of experience and loot. We spent most of the day in a 4-man farm group that was getting some lucky drops. In addition to a few greens and fluxes, Dio landed his Unwavering Devotion I Stigma currently worth 6mil kinah and I landed a rare blue pattern and Splendor of Recovery I stigma which is selling for about 400k kinah. It went really smoothly too thanks to the excellent pulling capability of our tank, Arstan. He was superb at breaking apart groups and getting single mobs. Later in the evening we joined up with our guild and completed the Keeper of the Kaiden Key quest. I’m glad to have done it with a guild group because that quest would have been a pain to complete in a pug. Dio collected enough krall molars (by adding mine to his) to turn in the first round of the Guardian Commando’s set. The quest requires level 37 and I highly recommend doing it right away because the shoe reward has a 20% speed increase which is great for leveling.

Aion Fortress Red Sea Death

After the Key quest, the guild headed into the Abyss to participate in a keep capture. It was going rather well until the Asmodians overwhelmed us at about 30% of the boss health. By some miracle, I was one of the last people standing in the sea of red so I snapped off a screen shot as I was being taken down. I logged after that because I’d been playing for 12 hours straight and wanted to sleep.

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