Bacon, Chocolate & Gelato Dessert – What could go wrong?

  • 20 November 2009

After finishing a great meal at the Goose Island Brewery last night, I ordered a desert that promised Belgium Chocolate, Salty Bacon, and Gelato thinking what could go wrong wrong with a winning combination like that. The answer is Salty Peanut Butter Gelato. While I was envisioning stripes of bacon radiating out of chocolate with a scoop of gelato, I was served a fair sized bowl of a very salty gelato with some bacon bits and chocolate shavings. My love of ice cream would normally have made this an equally awesome option except for the flavor. The gelato was VERY true to the taste of a salty peanut but that’s not a quality I like in an ice cream. A few of the more chocolaty bites were like a Reese’s Peanut Butter cup which wasn’t too bad but over all I decided I didn’t care for it.

The most unnerving part of the dessert was the number of times I took another bite after deciding I didn’t care for it. I would take a bite then after about three minutes I would feel compelled to take another bite. My husband acknowledge he had the same compulsion. We discussed the possibly of MSG but ultimately I’m going to attribute this to the power of bacon.

The waitress commented that she’d had the peanut butter gelato before but it was in a float with grape soda. That combo is no longer being served and I don’t need to guess why; PB&J float /shivers.

Salty Peanut Butter Gelato with Bacon and Chocolate

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