Fire Temple Fail Tank

  • 14 October 2009

Fire Temple Fail Tank
Last night I had a fail tank for Fire Temple. His character’s name is Xzou. He would charge forward skipping pulls that we should have taken because he aggro’d them anyway after pulling another group. He was so bad that after announcing he was going to pull the Silver Blade Rotan (a boss), he instead tab targeted another set of mobs pulled them and then allowed the Rotan to path into us. Extra mobs wouldn’t be THAT bad except he was completely incapable of tanking more than one mob and completely ignored any additional mobs that he had aggro’d leaving them to beat me and the chanter to death. I might have cut some slack in giving this tank a bad wrap because for most of the instance the character was being played by Xzou’s hunter friend who while as bad as I am describing was depressingly better than the owner of the account who after wiping us on more than 50% of the pulls disconnected and did not return. I highly advise dropping group if you find him as your tank. I finally threw in the towel without clearing even half the instance. I lost more experience and gold to deaths than I earned all last night. It was terribly depressing especially after previously having successful wipe-free runs with the tank being level 30 and the rest of the group not above 31.

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