Into the Abyss

  • 2 October 2009

Aion AbyssAion Abyss
Yesterday was the first time I’ve logged into game this week since Dio and I’ve been busy. We banged out the Abyss quest in no time and then headed into the Abyss. After a little bit of questing a group of Asmodians began patrolling the area we were in. Knowing that we weren’t going to get much done with them around we took up grinding back in Thembolas.

Yesterday I learned that the resurrection quest that I thought was priest only, was able to be picked up by Dio. Now he can earn experience and gold off my deaths by using one of the stones for resurrection.

The final picture I have for you today is of a character named Blasterboobs. He (because only a guy would make a character named that) really did manage to make his toon’s chest rather torpedo like. I’m not even sure this picture did his character’s chest justice but he ran away before I had a chance to try for a better shot.


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