Gaming Food Recipes – Part 1

  • 28 April 2008

I have had several requests for instructions on how to make the food from Dio’s Birthday party. So here is part 1. I will get around to the Packman Cheese Tray and Marioland another time.

Katamari Ball Cake
Katamari ball

Shopping List:
Rice Krispy Cereal
1 bag of chocolate chips (semi-sweet)
fun shaped candles (if making it a b-day cake)
tons of object shaped candy: recommend animal cookies, gummi anything, misc shaped sprinkles, licorice shaped anything, sweat tart legos, Teddy Grahms (just have fun and explore your grocery isles and candy shops)


1. Make Rice Krispy treats. You do this by melting 3 TBSP butter in a fair sized pan and adding in 40 oz marshmallows (typically one bag). You want to be careful not to burn the mixture so keep it on a low flame and stir. It does not take long. Then dump in 10 cups of rice krispy ceral. This is more than the box will tell you (6 cups) but it makes it less sweet and a better base. Stir this up until the marshmallow mixture is evenly coating the cereal.

2. Form the ball. Use a little butter on your hands and start mashing the rice krispy mix into a ball. Careful as it can be hot. The butter should help it from sticking to you as you form the ball. Let the ball cool to room temperature.

3. Coat your ball in chocolate. If you have a double-boiler, use it. If you don’t, or have no clue what a double boiler is, then melt your chocolate chips in a pan over VERY low heat while stirring constantly. Have a piece of wax paper cut and ready nearby to set the ball in. Once you have melted the chocolate use a spoon to roll your rice krispy ball in the chocolate. When you have the ball completely covered, set it on the wax paper. Sprinkle your shaped sprinkles over the surface and place the ball in your fridge to harden the chocolate.

3. Next add the candy. If your chocolate hardened in the pan, re-melt it. Then dip one side of your candy in the chocolate. Press the candy onto the ball and wait for the chocolate to set a bit. When it looks like it will stay in place, repeat until you cover the whole surface in candy shapes. Things can be sticking out in all directions. Don’t worry about stacking things on top of each other either. If you have seen the game it should look like you just rolled it around in a tray of candy. (Something I would suggest but I tried it. Getting things to stick IRL didn’t work like it did in the game.)

4. Add candles. If it is a birthday cake you can add fun shaped candles the same way you added your candy. Make sure you tell people that they are candles. While wax won’t kill you, it does not taste good.

Triforce Cheesecake
Triforce Cheesecake

Shopping List:
plain cheesecake
dark cocoa powder

1. Get a plain cheesecake. You can make it or buy it. I just am not typing out a recipe.

2. Cut the cheesecake into an equilateral (all sides equal) triangle. This takes a bit of measuring so that you get it to be equilateral. I had a few stirring sticks that I laid down on the cheesecake to use as cutting guidelines. A large non serrated knife works best.

3. Mask off the center section. Again this takes a bit of measuring. I use paper towels (no texture) and smooth them down on the surface of the cheesecake masking off from the center of each edge of the triangle forming a smaller equilateral triangle in the center. You can also use wax paper but it is important to have it smoothed against the surface of the cheesecake because it is about to block cocoa powder.

4. Dust with dark cocoa powder. Use a pastry brush (or your clean and washed finger) to dust the triangle center of the cheesecake. Be careful not to force any under the edges of your paper towel (or wax paper).

5. Make cuts around the design. Just take your non serrated knife and make about a ¼ inch slice into the cheese cake right along the edge of the cocoa triangle. This will give the design sharper lines and more depth.

Mario Fireflower Veggie Tray
Fireflower Veggie Tray

Shopping list:
black olives
dill dip (or ranch) – I made mine but you can easily buy yours
Yellow veggies: yellow peppers, yellow mini tomatoes
Red Veggies: radishes, cherry tomatoes, red peppers
Green Veggies: broccoli, green peppers
(note: you can substitute other veggies that are in the same color set)

1. Clean and prepare your veggies following standard procedures with these few guidelines. Leave the skin on the cucumbers and slice into disks. Cut all of the peppers into about 1 inch pieces. Break broccoli into pieces no larger than 1 inch cubes. Slice 1 black olive in half long ways.

2. Fill a small round (preferably clear) bowl full of dip. Place the two black olives in the center as eyes.

3. Using the photo of my Fireflower veggie tray as a guideline, place the yellow veggies around the dip bowl.

4. Now circle the yellow veggies with the red veggies.

5. Lay the sliced cucumber down the center of the tray and fan out the slices a bit.

6. Add the green veggies as leaves.

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