Bento: Red Pepper & Snow Pea Flowers

  • 30 September 2009

Bento: Red Pepper & Snow Pea Flowers
When Dio and I ordered our bento tools, we also ordered a book on making decorative bento boxes. The book is great with the only downside being that it’s all in Japanese. We knew this ahead of time and picked it up because the pictures in the book are amazing. There are enough detailed diagrams that if I can just figure out what the food they are using is, that I can duplicate the design. Today Dio’s bento box features one of the rice topper patterns from the book. They used red bell peppers and snow peas to create the flowers. The top of his bento box is filled with dishes from the Mitsuwa Japanese market that’s about an hour outside of Chicago. The market sells fresh prepared dishes so we picked up some seaweed salad, spicy octopus, and a pickled vegetable mix. I included a cherry bottle filled with soy sauce for the rice.

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