Aion Level 25

  • 28 September 2009

I didn’t get to play nearly as much as I wanted this past weekend because Dio and I had some other things to take care of. However, we managed to get to level 25 and get a set of assassin alts started.
Eltnen PvPEltnen PvP
On Friday, the Asmodians invaded the lakes of Eltnen Fortress in mass. After a few minutes of picking us off as singles the Elyos replied in force. Not more than 10 minutes after the first general chat announcements were made, the Elyos banded together and demolished the invaders. We then followed the reports to head to their kisk (portable obelisk); meeting up with their force again and wiping them out. It was really nice to see that not only were the Elyos amassing but that there were people other than me healing the group. I was personally healed at least three times by other clerics and saw at least two heals land on Dio that were not mine. We ended Friday at level 22 and almost halfway to rank 8.
Aion Level 22Aion Abyss Points
Saturday I woke up several hours before Dio so I began leveling crafting. The goal was going to be to level using the crafting mats we had been gathering to make pots, etc and clear up some inventory space. I ended up dropping more than 60,000 kinah to get to level 60. While I ended up with a ton of mana and flight potions, I had been shocked by how quickly making a several hundred potions ate up kinah in the cost of bottles and vendor bought materials.
Aion Crafting Alchemy 12
We spent the morning questing on our mains before we took a five hour break to go to a Japanese market to get some groceries. It took more time than we intended and by the time we got home it was dinner time. After dinner we quested some more.
Aion Fat Athos
We finally turned in the dye maker’s quest after wasting inventory space carrying around three kinds of quest items and was rewarded with our choice of dye colors. Dio gave me his dye so I’ve been using it up and coloring everything turquoise. It’s amazing how much dying your garments the same color makes them look like they belong together as a set.
Aion Level 23
We were just a hair away from 24 when Dio and I decided to start our alts after feeling restricted by the overpopulation of our questing area and limited bank/bag space. We’re leveling duel assassins and it’s really funny to watch. We flank the mobs and alternate backstabs and mobs just fall over in seconds. Though I am really gatheringed out leveling extraction on Philomela, I’m trying to be good and make sure that Mela gets her skills up. It helped that I found it amusing to have Mela picking mela. We ended the weekend with level 7 alts.
Aion Mela Picking melaAion Mela Level 7
On Sunday we had an evening concert so we were only able to play until mid-afternoon. The final stretch of level 24 was completed by grinding repeatable quests. At first we spent some time killing Molten Blade Spirit in hopes that we would see another spawn of the boss Bored Bamnodase. We managed to get him twice in an hour and each time we got a really nice pants upgrade – one for Dio and one for me – and earrings for Dio. When we decided it had more to do with luck in channel changes than fast spawn point, we ground on ghosts which had high value grays.
Aion Bored Ramnodase
When we hit level 25, we returned to Sanctum to turn in some stray quests and pick up skill manuals. One of the new quests was a trek across the colosseum where Dio and I made easy work of a sorceress and an assassin that were cooperating to gank people. However, we then took on a single level 25 cleric who did nothing but spam heal. It’s truly amazing how durable clerics are. While I understood that I lasted through both the sorceress and the assassin beating on me, I didn’t really appreciate just how much of a pain I was being until we had this other cleric down to slivers more than five times before we just stop bothering. This lead me to march over to the auction house and buy the Festering Wound Stimga before other people realize how important it is and inflate the price. In three levels, I will have the equivalent of WoW’s mortal strike, a 50% reduction of healing done to the target that lasts for one minute and has a one minute cooldown.
Aion Festering Wound

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