Leveling Aion Extraction Skills

  • 25 September 2009

Aion Extract Aether

While there was a lot of quests to pick up at Eltnen Fortress, most of them seemed like gathering quests – get me 20 ore, 6 fishes, or 15 fruits. This means that we didn’t make it past level 22 yesterday because we spent so much time running around picking quest items and leveling extraction that we didn’t get much actual leveling done. The most annoying of these is the extraction of Aether. Aether comes from tiny shards of floating rock that typically have one pick more than you can do in a single flight timer. This leaves you picking most of a node, landing, waiting for your timer to fill up, then flying back up for the one pick. The nodes are typically far enough apart that you can’t make that one pick and then fly over to another node with enough time to make any progress. This has become an exercise in patience and figuring out something else to during the flight cool-down. Dio’s also complaining of huge lag issue where you rubber band off of the trees and the platforms that he lands on causing his death. I avoid this issue by just landing on the ground every time which is only slightly less annoying. I’ve found that I can squeak the most out of my air time by using the Krall Hunter Title (+1 flight time), popping flight time pots, and clicking off my wings and hitting glide right before I land.

Aion Teleportation Apprentice Quest

The other slowing factor to last night’s leveling was the PvP. However, this is not a factor that I am annoyed by. We got our first PvP action since launch after the teleportation apprentice “screwed up” and sent us to Asmodian territory rather than Poeta. We glided down into the outskirts of the Asmodian town and began picking off players. After about five kills we saw war-band of more than a half dozen coming our way (I wish I’d thought to take a screenshot before I died). They made short work of us and we rezzed back at the Elyos base. Later in the evening, we had the opportunity to take out a couple more Asmodians while questing in the Elyos zone. By the end of the night I was at 357 Abyss Points which is a quarter of the way to rank 8.

Aion Resurrection Quest

I picked up a quest yesterday that rewards me for resurrecting people. It amuses me on some level that I get gold and experience points if I resurrect a hundred people because all of the people getting resurrected are loosing gold and experience.

Aion Heal Spell DetailAion Heal Spell DetailAion Heal Spell Detail
Right before logging out I took a few detail shots of my heals. Not really sure what compelled me to take the pictures but they looked great so I wanted to share.

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