Alliances & Mission Glitches

  • 24 September 2009

Aion Level 21
We ended yesterday at level 21 in Eltnen Fortress. Finishing the Krall quests and moving to a new zone was such a relief. I was so sick of the area by the time we were done that I just bought the last Krall Ration off the AH for 10,000 kinah (Aion gold) just to get it done.
Aion Krall Fly OverAion Krall Portal
One of the more frustrating aspects of the Krall area was having one of the final quests bug out. Apparently if you try to complete the Sealing the Abyssal Gate mission while in an alliance, you find yourself unable to teleport into the Abyss to kill the final guy and polish off the mission. Unfortunately, we discovered that leaving the alliance does not fix the zoning issue. We stood there for at least ten minutes trying different things like changing zones before we just tried relogging and hoping that we didn’t get caught in a cue. The first person loaded in from relogging wasn’t able to zone in. However, we found if we relogged and then joined a group before trying to zone through the portal it seemed to fix the issue. Once inside it was easier than the pulls we took getting to the gate.
Aion Verteron Observatory
On a random side note, the flight path from Verteron to the Observatory has a very Myst like quality as you start the final landing trajectory.

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