Bento: Pirate Booty

  • 18 September 2009

There be more celebratin’ International Talk like a Pirate Day. Me Matey Dio’s grub t’day be a great grand bounty. He be eatin’ t’ feast and I be tellin’ you landlubbers how t’ craft t’ like with t’ vitals from your bung hole.
Bento Pirate Treasure

How to make your own Pirate Bounty
Food & Tool List:
Pirate Treasure Chest Box (I found mine at a party supply store.)
Tiny grapes (or substitute blueberries)
Lemon Juice
Cake decorating edible glitter powder in gold, silver, red, green
Round food cutters in 2-3 sizes
sandwich baggies
Food quality “paint” brush

Prepare the rice. When it’s cooled enough, use it as the bottom layer so you have a healthy starch and don’t have to fill the box with quite so many of the items that take work to make.

Prepare the chicken by slicing it into jagged nugget shaped pieces. Cook it in whatever spices you care for and then let it cool. Line the chicken nuggets on top of the rice in order to cover the rice with a layer of nuggets. Next mix a little lemon juice and some gold powder. “Paint” the mixture over the chicken nuggets. Don’t worry about getting all of the sides because you only need to cover the visible surface since you will still be adding coins and jewels on top.

The coins are made from cutting carrots, apples, and radishes into circles using food cutters after cleaning and peeling them. The small silver coins are the radishes while the larger gold coins are carrots and apples. To color your coins, add carrots to a sandwich baggie and dump in some gold powder and shake. Add a more powder a little at a time until you cover the circles completely. For your apples, first spritz your circles with a little lemon juice to preserve color. Then use the same baggie and process as you did for your carrots. Do the same process for the smaller radish coins using silver powder and a new baggie.

The Emerald is hand cut from a mango sliced into a rectangle with trimmed corner and an uneven rounded top. It was then “painted” with the green glitter.

The Rubies are hand cut from carrots and then “painted” with red glitter powder.

The necklace was strung with a needle and thread from tiny round grapes then draped in amongst the coins. Don’t forget to wash your needle and thread before starting.

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