Aion Release Day

  • 23 September 2009

Aion Pre-Order Gear
Launch day arrived and the head-start’s over.  Since I wasn’t able to take off work and make the most of it, we only reached level 19 yesterday.  On the upside this also means that my collectors edition arrived in the mail and I was able to add on all of the niffy in game stuff to my account.  Since we ordered through Dio and I have a toy that gives us a wind resistance buff and puts a flashy circle at our feet of wind swept leaves which imho looks much better than the other elemental circles which are just a bright color.  In the above picture, I am also sporting the exclusive hat and title “Settler of Aion.”  Among the other fun bobbles we received two dances, the Hip-Hop and the Aion Boogie, a pair of earrings that I can’t wear yet, dye, an experience increase item, and a pair of wings with a longer flight timer that I can equip at level 30.

The wings were one of the biggest perks since the flight timer never feels like it’s long enough.  Flying is a nice over compensation for not being able to jump in Guild Wars (something that received a lot of flak).  They have even gone so far as to improve your abilities while you are in flight; for example, my cleric healing improves while flying.  The downside to flight (besides the timer) is that you can’t fly everywhere in game.  You bump into invisible force fields and you have to hoof it on foot through many zones.
Aion Flight
Legions are in full swing and from my understanding there are three that already hate each other on Siel.  Thankfully, the rivalry is on the Asmodian side.  On the Elyos side we have been blessed with a guild called “Benny Lava” lead by a character called Naruto who shouts “Believe it!” in general chat and another guild called “Surprise Buttsec” that’s just asking for the ban-hammer.
Aion Guild Ban

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