Bento Boxes & The Manga Cookbook

  • 17 August 2009

Dragon BentoRed 3 Tier Bento
Recently Dio has taken an interest in cooking and as part of that interest the two of us are going to start making each other Bento boxes for lunch. We have been browsing J-List and have come up with a list of traditional or fun items to help us in preparing our Bento.  We have also placed an order for two Bento boxes (the ones above) which I just received notice that they shipped from Japan today.

The Manga Cookbook

Our copy of The Manga Cookbook arrived this morning and I am really excited about trying out some of the recipes.  It’s a how to make the food you see in your Manga/Anime using things in a Western kitchen.  The recipes are illustrated step by step in the Manga style by Chihiro Hattori and there are full color photographs of all the dishes in the front of the book.  There are also sections with information on how to set the table, use chopsticks, basic ingredients, and most of the recipes have calorie measures.  They even have a few decorative Bento recipes to try out when our boxes arrive.

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