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From slides to shelves, a series of really  nifty staircases:


50 Internet Infographics/Flowcharts

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For your procrastination pleasure, Coed rounds up some of the internet’s best infographics. Some of these have been previously publicized here, but there were many that were new to me. To whet your appetite, I’ll start off with “How much this graph reminds me of Mr. T”:

Other highlights:

Where Exactly is the Friend Zone, a demonstration in set theory

Features Offered by an Iphone and a Stone

A Guide to Understanding Flow Charts, for that extra-meta touch

Klingon Anti-Virus Software

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In the department of Useless Nerd Endeavors, Sophos has released anti-virus software in Klingon. This is a blatant publicity stunt, but I have to applaud their chutzpah. A demonstration of the software set to YMCA is above.

Use Sophos’s Klingon Anti-Virus to quickly perform an on-demand scan and find viruses, spyware, adware, zero-day threats, Betazoid sub-ether porn diallers and Tribbles that your existing protection might have missed. The software can be run without deactivating your current anti-virus software. Phasers can be left set to stun.

[ Via GeekPress ]