Tweets from North Korea

posted by Stal on 2009.07.22, under Stal

As the West is generally starved for news from the secretive hermit kingdom, I was thrilled to stumble upon North Korea’s Twitter feed! Under the handle DPRK_News, you can find such illustrative tweets as:

US Cable News Network reports racketeer president Barack Obama was born a slave in Indonesia.

DPRK life expectancy surpasses 90 years, while US president fails in ambition to pass health care law.

And my personal favorite,

Education Minister Kong Myun-Roh: Decadent parents of South teach children to play as “Zerg,” “Orks,” while DPRK children study Juche Idea!

Unfortunately, this appears to be a hoax, though you might not be able to tell the difference between this and the actual headlines coming from KCNA (North Korea’s official government-run news outlet):

Japanese Reactionaries’ Nuclear Hysteria Flailed

I should note that this latter Twitter feed is also unauthorized. The KCNA news account was set up to automatically syndicate news releases from the real DRPK news agency.

In a twitter conversation with Forbes, the author of the KCNA twitter feed admitted that he or she was a writer and Web master for the German-language parody site Stupidedia, based in Austria. “KCNA has unintentionally funny articles, and I thought it would be funny if an antiquated regime like North Korea had a Twitter account,” wrote the faux-Communist, who didn’t respond to requests for his or her name.

WWGT (What Would God Tweet) ?

posted by Diomedes on 2009.05.19, under Diomedes

If you’re looking for a reason to sign up for Twitter, this probably isn’t it. However if you’re looking for another twitter feed, watching the Bible condensed to 140 characters at a time in sms text & summary by WWGT, this is a good read.

God tells Abraham to deep-six son Isaac; changes mind when knife is drawn. Abe rewarded for faith. Isaac may need years of therapy – Gen. 22

Interview with the author can be found here.

Favrd Tweets

posted by Stal on 2009.04.26, under Stal

Forget celebrities, people you’ve never heard of are posting interesting things on Twitter.

Some samples:

Here in rural Colombia, there are huge violence, poverty, and health problems. And this is easily the worst cinnamon latte I’ve ever tasted.

Floored by her muted reaction to his ironic Ghostbusters shirt, the narrow, bearded man in clownglasses scans the barista’s tats for clues.

Because of the flu, professional soccer games in Mexico City will be played without any fans. Just like in the USA.

I still prefer Maui’s leis, but the black hoodie they gave me upon arrival in Portland is pretty sweet.