Washable Keyboards

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Do you grimace every time you sit down at a grimy public workstation? Have you ever fried a keyboard after spilling a can of Mountain Dew on it? Are you paralyzed with fear by the spectre of H1N1? Well, have we got a solution for you. Introducing Unobtron’s new line of SpillSeal Antimicrobial keyboards and other peripheral devices. These hermetically sealed keyboard casings can actually be submerged in hospital-grade sanitizing solutions. Better yet, the price ranges are within the reach of the average home user; keyboards start at $46 and mice at $50.

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Forget Emergen-C, finally this is a flu prevention system I can approve of:

World’s first flu collector unveiled: Plan your sickness, develop antibodies for the flu and strengthen your immune system the natural way. The INFLU flu collector mask increases the prospect of getting the Swine flu (H1N1) as well as the regular seasonal flu with several hundred percent.

The INFLU flu collector mask has a battery driven micro-fan fitted on the inhalation valve that increases the intake of viruses in ambient air through the respiratory system. The comfortable and convenient mask can be worn in everyday situations such as while commuting to and from work.

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Burning Questions, Swine Flu Edition

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Too soon? From the ever-so-sage Yahoo! Answers bin:

Q: Will I get swine flu from doing a fat girl?

The only women I take home from the bars are fat pigs, I am concerned.

A:  Most likely. As everyone knows, the reason they call fat people pigs is because of a recessive genetic mutation which contributes to their fatness. This gene is the same gene found in pigs and makes them 100 times more susceptible to pig like diseases (smelling bad, ugly, fecal eating, etc…).

Your best options are to make sure to double wrap it and to be very very drunk. If you are not super drunk, you might realize what you are doing, plus alcohol kills germs. Good luck sir. I hope you don’t die.

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Awesome Swine Flu Q & A

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I found this Q & A over at BoingBoing. Unlike the Q & A’s I’ve read from major media sources, this one answered a lot of interesting questions such as why young adults may have been more at risk in 1918 (read the Cytokine Storm section) and which surgical masks are worth bothering with.

I found it a great informative read and much more in depth than what I’ve been seeing linked around the net, I recommend checking it out.