50 Internet Infographics/Flowcharts

posted by Stal on 2009.08.21, under Stal

For your procrastination pleasure, Coed rounds up some of the internet’s best infographics. Some of these have been previously publicized here, but there were many that were new to me. To whet your appetite, I’ll start off with “How much this graph reminds me of Mr. T”:

Other highlights:

Where Exactly is the Friend Zone, a demonstration in set theory

Features Offered by an Iphone and a Stone

A Guide to Understanding Flow Charts, for that extra-meta touch

You Should Have Seen This

posted by Stal on 2009.04.15, under Stal

A compilation of 99 viral videos on the internet: http://youshouldhaveseenthis.com

Warning: this could turn into a huge time sink.

I am proud/embarrassed to say that I recognized about 2/3 of the items in this list. And now I’ve pretty much gone through all of them. IMO, the list has great historical breadth (there are some really old videos on here that I’d forgotten about), but is weighted too heavily on items from ebaum’s world.

Of the items I hadn’t seen before, my personal favorite is #81, “Best Wedding Toast Ever (Amy’s Song)”, which is a choreographed performance at the wedding of a someone involved in musical theater (with lots of friends who are adept at singing and dancing). Damn, I should have made more friends in musical theater. I think the best I can hope for at my wedding is some awesome marching drill and cadences.