Cake vs Pie Throwdown

posted by Stal on 2010.03.16, under Philomela, Uncategorized

In an issue near and dear to many of our hearts, this post scientifically investigates the awesomeness of cake pitted against pie. Comes replete with useful graphs on unequal frosting distribution and marginal enjoyment of dessert items:

2.  Unequal frosting distribution is a problem


Pie exhibits much greater homogeneity than cake.  In cake, the highest concentration of awesomeness is found in the frosting.  The act of decorating a cake can polarize it and cause a dangerously uneven distribution of frosting, leading to discord and animosity during serving time.

4.  Pie is more scientifically versatile:

The forgone conclusion is that pie > cake by a landslide. For more, see the original post here.

Giant Fractal Pecan Pie

posted by Stal on 2009.11.25, under Stal

As you sit down to Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow and are confronted with a standard 9 1/2″ circular pie, consider the fundamental problem of a pie’s crust to filling ratio:

For traditional circular pies of radius R, the amount of filling scales as R2 while the crust only scales linearly, so as the pie grows larger, the flaky crust is completely dominated by the creamy filling.

Our solution was to construct a pie pan in the shape of a koch snowflake (whose perimeter obeys completely different scaling laws), fill it with delicious pecan pie and bake in a custom backyard oven.


The thing they don’t tell you about fractals is just how sharp and dangerous they are. I mean, you think you have a pretty good grasp of the mathematical analysis but until a piece of metal with a very high perimeter to surface area ratio tears into your flesh, you’re really missing intuitive appreciation for objects that lack continuous derivatives almost everywhere.

I can’t wait for this to take off like the Edge brownie pan!

[ Giant Fractal Pecan Pie / Instructables ]