I’m at Sloan, Mother F*ckers

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A parody of the SNL sketch “I’m on a Boat,” since as we all know, to make it in this business, you’d better have your own rap.

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Sharif Don’t Like It

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A classic rock parody for your Tuesday morning:

Gates-gate, a Brouhaha in Three Acts

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If ye be yearning for the return of Talk Like Shakespeare Day, there be good tidings from the intersection of Elizabethan English and contemporary events.

In a most excellent three-act drama by the staff of the Boston Globe, the tale of Gates-gate and its eventual resolution through the aid of King Barack and some good ales unfolds. Tis certainly a worthy read in its entirety, but for the laggards among us, here’s a taste:

AXELROD: [...] What here? A saucy tale from Cambridgeham. The Sheriff has arrested a Moor for crimes unbefitting a gentleman.

BARACK: Stupid sheriffs arrest many Moors.

AXELROD: Perhaps in the Chicagoland of our youthful acquaintance, my lord. Not so many in Cambridgeham. ’Tis a most gentil and parfit place.

BARACK: Who is the man, and what is his crime?

AXELROD: ’Tis the Most Exalted University tutor Gates. Back has he spoken to the Sheriff, unbidden.

BARACK: Gates? I know this man. We have supped together on the enchanted Isle of Martha’s Vineland. I have seen him with Lady Oprah, prating about his ancestry.

AXELROD: Perhaps a photo op, my lord? We invite Gates and the Sheriff here, quaff ale in the summer heat, and proclaim peace and brotherhood among all men.

BARACK: And savor tobacco from the Duke of Marlboro?

AXELROD: Not with the people watching, sire.

[ A Tale Told by an Idiot / Boston Globe ]

Tweets from North Korea

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As the West is generally starved for news from the secretive hermit kingdom, I was thrilled to stumble upon North Korea’s Twitter feed! Under the handle DPRK_News, you can find such illustrative tweets as:

US Cable News Network reports racketeer president Barack Obama was born a slave in Indonesia.

DPRK life expectancy surpasses 90 years, while US president fails in ambition to pass health care law.

And my personal favorite,

Education Minister Kong Myun-Roh: Decadent parents of South teach children to play as “Zerg,” “Orks,” while DPRK children study Juche Idea!

Unfortunately, this appears to be a hoax, though you might not be able to tell the difference between this and the actual headlines coming from KCNA (North Korea’s official government-run news outlet):

Japanese Reactionaries’ Nuclear Hysteria Flailed

I should note that this latter Twitter feed is also unauthorized. The KCNA news account was set up to automatically syndicate news releases from the real DRPK news agency.

In a twitter conversation with Forbes, the author of the KCNA twitter feed admitted that he or she was a writer and Web master for the German-language parody site Stupidedia, based in Austria. “KCNA has unintentionally funny articles, and I thought it would be funny if an antiquated regime like North Korea had a Twitter account,” wrote the faux-Communist, who didn’t respond to requests for his or her name.

Dickipedia: a wiki of dicks

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Dickipedia.org is a parody collection of satirical biographies “about people who are dicks”  produced by comedy news provider Comedy 23/6. It is an unaffiliated spoof of the Wikipedia online encyclopedia, self-described as “a monolingual (English), Web-based, free content encyclopedia project with information about people who are dicks. The word “dickipedia” is a portmanteau of the word “encyclopedia” and the word “dick.” Dickipedia does not contain information about people who are detectives.”

Total Eclipse of the Heart, Literal Edition

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