Hellbent for Cooking

posted by Stal on 2010.01.27, under Stal

Looking for a headbanging new cookbook for yourself? Ready to trade in advice from Martha for tirades from Mayhem or Gwar? Annick Giroux has written an international heavy metal cookbook titled Hellbent for Cooking, chock full of recipes from metal bands, hailing from over 30 countries.

The dishes are actually mostly tame (e.g. no offal) regional recipes from the band’s country. Still, I would love to tuck into a bowl of Macaroni Against Monotheism (involves 666 g of ground pork, pasta sauce and macaroni), or to sip from Richard Christy from Death’s trademark cocktail (the mighty Viking Testicle).

[ Finally, A Heavy Metal Cookbook / SeriousEats ]

Because Metal Fans can laugh too

posted by Diomedes on 2010.01.12, under Diomedes

This was sent to me today by a fellow concert goer, the Death Metal Rooster.

Wishing you a metal Christmas

posted by Diomedes on 2009.12.10, under Diomedes

I’ve made it a sort of hobby to collect ridiculous awesome heavy metal Christmas songs. Each year I go out and buy another album or two. This year I found Raskaampaa Joulua, it’s all in Finnish (I think) but there are some real classics on there. However, for the most over the top Christmas song, I need to once again give the nod to Karkis for Secret Satan. If you watched it last year when I sent it out, enjoy it again. If this is your first time seeing it, prepare yourself for four and a half minutes of awesomeness.