Numa Numa Half-Time Show

posted by Stal on 2009.10.26, under Stal

Gary Brolsma, the Numa Numa guy, conducts the MSU marching band half-time show. This warms the cockles of my Dinkles.

The original video:

Meme Scenery

posted by Stal on 2009.05.26, under Stal

You’ve seen the videos. You’ve sent them to others dozens of times. But can you name the internet meme based purely on the background?

New parlor game: Meme Scenery

[ Hat Tip: MW ]

Yes China, Weep more

posted by Diomedes on 2009.05.12, under Diomedes

Driving down south Cicero near 143rd and I ran across this store I simply had to stop and take a picture of.

Memes are People too

posted by Vitamin-T on 2009.05.01, under Vitamin-T

Shortly after Al Gore invented the internet, but prior to the emergence of such online-dating giants as eHarmony and, there was a lonely 11-year-old boy named Michael.  With his famous opening line, “Hello my future girlfriend,” young Michael created a classic meme, and cemented his position in the internet hall of fame.  But behind all the glitz and glamour, this poor kid’s measly webpage forced him to live a double life.  Whether you are an old fan or are just meeting Michael for the first time, his short autobiography is an interesting case study in the real life consequences of accidental internet stardom.

Speaking of past memes

posted by Diomedes on 2009.04.16, under Diomedes

Philomela was going through her inbox and found an old e-mail dated the start of 2006 where I was tempted to invest in O’Reilly Automotive, Inc. based on my love of the O Rly meme coinciding with their stock ticker.



When she forwarded it to me today, I discovered that before any fees were tacked on, I would have made about $1 per share if I had invested back then, and that’s after being down for a very long time.


Know your meme

posted by Diomedes on 2009.04.16, under Diomedes

Stumbled over this on digg today. A great watch, not only amusing, but I think I could actually send this to my family to help explain to them my sense of humor.

Jamie Dubs investigates the origins & evolution of the “Yo Dawg” image macro

It was drugged up from this website dedicated to memes: Internet Meme Database. It was a fun way to waste an hour.

You Should Have Seen This

posted by Stal on 2009.04.15, under Stal

A compilation of 99 viral videos on the internet:

Warning: this could turn into a huge time sink.

I am proud/embarrassed to say that I recognized about 2/3 of the items in this list. And now I’ve pretty much gone through all of them. IMO, the list has great historical breadth (there are some really old videos on here that I’d forgotten about), but is weighted too heavily on items from ebaum’s world.

Of the items I hadn’t seen before, my personal favorite is #81, “Best Wedding Toast Ever (Amy’s Song)”, which is a choreographed performance at the wedding of a someone involved in musical theater (with lots of friends who are adept at singing and dancing). Damn, I should have made more friends in musical theater. I think the best I can hope for at my wedding is some awesome marching drill and cadences.