Scarface, Elementary School Edition

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As mentioned at lunch:

I’m leaving you, you motherfudger!

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The School of Hard Knocks

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How do you teach kids to be better critical thinkers? A British middle school staged a mock shooting, intended to teach students how to investigate, collect facts and analyze evidence.

Blackminster Middle School in Evesham, Worcs, faced condemnation from parents after their children were left traumatised by the mock shooting.

The youngsters, aged between 10 and 13, thought they were taking part in a fire drill when an alarm bell rang and they were ushered out into the playground.

But they were left in terror as a man appeared brandishing a gun and appeared to shoot dead Richard Kent, their science teacher, as he ran across a field.

Following a loud bang simulating a gunshot, other staff involved in the act rushed to the teacher’s aid and appeared to try to resuscitate him.

There was a delay of 10 minutes before weeping pupils were taken back to the assembly hall where teachers explained that the pretend shooting had been laid on as part of a science lesson.

But some of the children were left in shock with some being sick and one girl suffering a panic attack, parents claim.
The school was forced to apologise to parents, admitting that the stunt on Tuesday afternoon had gone “too far” and that pupils should have had their fears allayed sooner.

This is quite possibly  even more hilarious than the Japanese TV show that pranked a guy with a fake drive-by shooting.

[ School condemned after pupils left in tears after mock shooting / Telegraph ]

Extreme Cup Stacking

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Scoff all you want, but Steven Purugganan takes cup stacking very, very seriously. The 11-year-old middle schooler recently walked away as a champion at the World Sport Stacking Championships in Denver. In this sport, professional stackers take a dozen plastic cups and assemble them into pyramids, before collapsing them again back into single stacks. Purugganan and his brothers discovered the sport on ESPN in 2006, and Purugganan now practices for several hours each day. He has also been featured in a commercial for McDonald’s.

Amusingly, the Wikipedia article on Purugganan states that he is “undoubtedly autistic.” Purugganan is also from Longmeadow, MA, which is one town over from where I’m from.