Free yogen früz

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yogen früz grand opening

It’s another healthy frozen yogurt freebie.  Yogen früz is celebrating their grand opening on the downtown DePaul campus.  The event runs from 11am until 3pm at their 333 State Street location.  They will be giving away a small frozen yogurt and smoothie.  Not only can you get some great topping like mochi balls, coconut, and blackberries but Yogen früz will blend the fruit into your yogurt while you watch.  Also if you love getting free frozen yogurt, they have a buy 5 get 1 free punch card.

Berry Chill

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Berry Chill

Berry Chill was a recent discovery at an all day concert when I was looking for a healthy alternative to all of the cardboard chicken strips and greasy hamburgers.  It has 20 calories per ounce and active cultures.  I signed up for their mailing list and I just received and announcement of Free Berry Chill Yogurt that I am sharing with you below.

Free Berry Chill if Devin Hester Scores a Touchdown!

The 2009 Football season is here! In honor of Chicago Bears Player Devin Hester’s love of Berry Chill (and our love of the Chicago Bears), every time Hester scores a touchdown for the rest of the season, the following day Berry Chill will treat customers to a free Hester combination yogurt. “The Hester,” is small 5 oz. Original yogurt topped with his favorites (mango, pineapple, and gummy bears) and is available at Berry Chill’s three locations, 635 N. State, 132 N. LaSalle and Ogilvie Station, 500 W. Madison. On the day following the touchdown, simply say “Touchdown for Berry Chill” at the register, and you’ll receive your free Hester treat! Offer will be available in-store only at participating Chicagoland locations during the following business hours (635 N. State, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., 132 N. LaSalle, 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. and Ogilvie Station, 7 a.m. – 12 p.m.). No substitutions will be granted. Cheering for the Bears was never this sweet!

Mayhem Festival & Free Music

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Sunday’s Mayhem Festival delivered just what the name promised.  These shots were taken during God Forbid’s performance.  While not my favorite music at the show, they did an excellent job of engaging the crowd.

Mayhem Festival Mayhem Festival

Dirge Within (the band listed as “Jagermeister Band” on the schedule) is a Chicago band and worth a second listen.  Their debut album, ‘Force Fed Lies’, is due out on September 1st but they are offering a free download of the title track today on their Myspace.

While hunting down Dirge Within, I also stumbled on this free Metal Mayhem Compilation download.  They ask you to sign up for a mailing list but currently you can skip that step and download it here and save your inbox some spam.  I don’t know if it is worth downloading yet as I have not had a chance to listen to it, but it’s free and it has a track from Darkest Hour who was decent at the Summer Slaughter Tour that recently came through Chicago.

Broke Hipster

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Because that sociology degree isn’t paying off too well and the PBR is out of your price range:

Also highly entertaining: The Hipster Olympics

[ Hat Tip: KM ]

Free Kentucky Grilled Chicken

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In a break from tradition, KFC recently rolled out grilled chicken, and they’ve now teamed up with Oprah to bring you a coupon for two free pieces of grilled chicken, two sides and a biscuit. The coupon is available until 9:59 pm CDT on May 6th, and it is valid through May 19th.

Kentucky Grilled Chicken

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McSalads, move over. In an astonishing affront to the namesake dish, KFC has announced the addition of grilled chicken to their menu starting today. This after they began funding pothole repairs emblazoned with the KFC logo. What next, the release of Colonel Sanders’ secret recipe?

For those of you interested in freebies:

KFC locations will be handing out free pieces of grilled chicken on April 27 which they are dubbing “UNFry Day.”