BLT from Scratch Flowchart

posted by Stal on 2009.10.01, under Stal

In June, food writer Michael Ruhlman set out a challenge to make a BLT sandwich from scratch. The winners were announced recently, and the best overall winner, Jared Dunnohew of Australia, is pictured above. Though he didn’t do everything from scratch (milling flour was out, he couldn’t press his own oil), Dunnohew did a phenomenal job of collecting/growing most of his other ingredients (harvesting salt from seawater, making cider vinegar from apples).

Best of all, he put together a phenomenal photographic flowchart diagramming how he put together his BLT. This is truly a thing of beauty:

50 Internet Infographics/Flowcharts

posted by Stal on 2009.08.21, under Stal

For your procrastination pleasure, Coed rounds up some of the internet’s best infographics. Some of these have been previously publicized here, but there were many that were new to me. To whet your appetite, I’ll start off with “How much this graph reminds me of Mr. T”:

Other highlights:

Where Exactly is the Friend Zone, a demonstration in set theory

Features Offered by an Iphone and a Stone

A Guide to Understanding Flow Charts, for that extra-meta touch

Republican Sex Scandal Flowchart

posted by Stal on 2009.06.29, under Stal

Joining the internet’s long-standing tradition of excellence in flowcharts, here we have the Republican sex scandal flowchart: