KFC’s Solution to Awkward Situations

posted by Stal on 2010.01.12, under Stal

As mentioned previously, the Australian wing of KFC released an ad suggesting that a white man in an “awkward situation”/crowd of black people resolve tension by offering up a bucket of KFC.

Aired as part of a series called “KFC’s cricket survival guide”, the 30-second clip depicts an uncomfortable looking man named Mick wearing a green and yellow Australian cricket shirt, surrounded on all sides in a cricket stand by high spirited Caribbean fans.

“Need a tip when you’re stuck in an awkward situation?” Mick asks. He then passes round a bucket of KFC chicken, the drumming stops and he remarks: “Too easy.”

Note: the ad depicts people from the West Indies, who are (mostly) unrelated to people from the Indian subcontinent.

[ KFC accused of racism over Australian advertisement / Guardian ]

Windows 7 Whopper

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Windows 7 launch is today, and to celebrate, they have paired up with Burger King in Japan to promote this 7-layer Windows 7 Whopper for 777 yen.

[ Gizmodo ]

Fancy Fast Food

posted by Stal on 2009.07.17, under Stal

Just when I thought I’d seen all possible niche food blogs out there, the long tail of the internet proves me wrong. Introducing Fancy Fast Food, featuring deconstructed, gourmet meals made entirely out of fast food take-out. Above, behold a Tacobellini, made out of a Taco Burrito Supreme.

[via Freakonomics]

Free Kentucky Grilled Chicken

posted by Stal on 2009.05.05, under Stal

In a break from tradition, KFC recently rolled out grilled chicken, and they’ve now teamed up with Oprah to bring you a coupon for two free pieces of grilled chicken, two sides and a biscuit. The coupon is available until 9:59 pm CDT on May 6th, and it is valid through May 19th.


Kentucky Grilled Chicken

posted by Stal on 2009.04.15, under Stal

McSalads, move over. In an astonishing affront to the namesake dish, KFC has announced the addition of grilled chicken to their menu starting today. This after they began funding pothole repairs emblazoned with the KFC logo. What next, the release of Colonel Sanders’ secret recipe?

For those of you interested in freebies:

KFC locations will be handing out free pieces of grilled chicken on April 27 which they are dubbing “UNFry Day.”