Economics and a flashback to early ’90s internet

posted by Stal on 2010.03.12, under Stal

This was mentioned yesterday afternoon, but if you haven’t seen it yet, stop what you are doing Right Now and take a peek at Columbia economist Xavier Sala-i-Martin’s website. A brief recap of why this man is awesome:

In other words, Sala-i-Martin is an all-around badass muthafucka.

Go. Now.

Nouriel Roubini, Big Pimpin’ Up in NYC

posted by Stal on 2009.04.30, under Stal

You may know Nouriel Roubini as the Cassandra economist who sounded alarms on the subprime mortgage debacle, but less you think he’s boring, rest assured that he has a very vibrant social life. Reports New York Magazine:

“The recession has been great for me,” Roubini, whose nickname of Dr. Doom belies the permanent grin on his face, told us when we caught up with him later, as a line of girls formed to be photographed next to him. “They love my beautiful mind,” he confided. “I am ugly, but they’re attracted to the brains. I’m a rock star among geeks, wonks, and nerds.”

He goes on to say that the key to great parties is “fun people and beautiful girls,” with the ideal ratio being “ten girls to one guy.” His friend Bill Clinton is a big fan of this ratio, he adds.

[ Via Dealbreaker ]