I Can Haz Catcerto?

posted by Stal on 2009.07.22, under Stal

It took me a bit to realize that this idea didn’t spring from Japan.

Elevating Letterman’s “Stupid Pet Tricks” to a whole new level, Lithuanian conductor Mindaugas Piecaitis has composed a 4 minute concert featuring…his cat Nora. The piece, titled “Catcerto,” was premiered by the Klaipeda Chamber Orchestra, with the soloist present via (heavily edited) video footage.

The quality of the piece is actually quite high, with the Times of London characterizing Nora’s improvisations as being “something halfway between Philip Glass and free jazz.”

Now, let’s hear it one more time, with feline!

[ Catcerto with Nora the Piano Cat / Youtube ]

[ Nora (cat) / Wikipedia ]