BLT from Scratch Flowchart

posted by Stal on 2009.10.01, under Stal

In June, food writer Michael Ruhlman set out a challenge to make a BLT sandwich from scratch. The winners were announced recently, and the best overall winner, Jared Dunnohew of Australia, is pictured above. Though he didn’t do everything from scratch (milling flour was out, he couldn’t press his own oil), Dunnohew did a phenomenal job of collecting/growing most of his other ingredients (harvesting salt from seawater, making cider vinegar from apples).

Best of all, he put together a phenomenal photographic flowchart diagramming how he put together his BLT. This is truly a thing of beauty:

Bacon Product Fail

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Keep it sizzlin’, alllll right.

[Courtesy of Heath/Failblog]

New Book Smell in a Can

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There have been debates of late over the relevance and continued viability of print media/books. One of the arguments wielded by the pro-book faction is that the aesthetics of a book (musty smell, crisp pages, gilt edges) cannot be duplicated by an electronic format. Well, one enterprising company has a solution to improve your Kindle reading experience.

Introducing Smell of Books, an aerosol e-book enhancer. Upon usage on your digital media platform, this spray can will immediately evoke images Dickens’ study or your grandmother’s living room. The spray cans even come in a variety of aromas, including Eau You Have Cats and Crunchy Bacon Scent.

Unfortunately, at the moment the site appears to be a spoof, but I look forward to the day when it is actually rolled out on ThinkGeek, or something akin to that.

Bacon Chocolate

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I found this chocolate bar while waiting in the checkout line of Binny’s.  While I love bacon & chocolate, I was just too horrified by the combination to buy Mo’s Bacon Bar.  If you aren’t repulsed by the combo, then you might enjoy the flying bacon-chocolate pig also made by Vosges.

License Plate of the Day

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Via GrubStreet

BaconFest Chicago

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To celebrate our insatiable demand for bacon, three enterprising fellows have taken it upon themselves to organize BaconFest in Chicago. With a lengthy manifesto driving their mission, this could be quite the bacon and related bacon-product extravaganza. The festival is tentatively slated to take place at the end of October.

From the FAQs:

Um, I’m Jewish.

Excellent question. We think our Facebook friend Paul Libman had some deep insight into Baconfest when he posted this Haiku to our group:
Bacon seduces
all that is Jewish in me.
Mom rolls in her grave.