KFC’s Solution to Awkward Situations

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As mentioned previously, the Australian wing of KFC released an ad suggesting that a white man in an “awkward situation”/crowd of black people resolve tension by offering up a bucket of KFC.

Aired as part of a series called “KFC’s cricket survival guide”, the 30-second clip depicts an uncomfortable looking man named Mick wearing a green and yellow Australian cricket shirt, surrounded on all sides in a cricket stand by high spirited Caribbean fans.

“Need a tip when you’re stuck in an awkward situation?” Mick asks. He then passes round a bucket of KFC chicken, the drumming stops and he remarks: “Too easy.”

Note: the ad depicts people from the West Indies, who are (mostly) unrelated to people from the Indian subcontinent.

[ KFC accused of racism over Australian advertisement / Guardian ]

Extreme Pool Jump

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An awesome clip of a guy rocketing down a hill and landing neatly in a pool:

Pretty nifty, eh? The comments section, of course, is littered with cynics shouting “FAKE!!1!” and unfortunately, a little digging reveals that the stunt is indeed a trick of the camera, and was intended as a viral ad campaign for Microsoft, to boot.

So, how did they really do it?

It’s a case of creative compositing, meaning that the clip we get to see is based on multiple elements that were combined together to create a final video. A stuntman slides down the slide, secured by a rope. Then there’s a body flying through the air, which is animated. And finally, the big splash. “He actually jumped from a wooden ramp into the pool,” explained Koenigs. Of course, you don’t get to see any of this in the final clip, thanks to careful editing that makes it look like a single take.

Here’s a short clip demonstrating the stunt technique:

Still hella cool, imo.

Billboard of the Day

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An advertisement for “Natural Colors” paints, done by cutting out strips the size of the roller from the billboard.

[ via ThisBlogRules ]

Cleveland Tourism Video

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For those of us who hail from that “Mistake on a Lake,” a film short that highlights the best of Cleveland.

Reaction video for Detroit in 5, 4,…

The Sound of Music in Train Stations

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In the latest in a series of flash mob activities at train stations, 200 people break out into dance to “Do-Re-Mi” from the Sound of Music at Antwerp’s Centraal train station in Belgium. Apparently, this was used to advertise an upcoming reality TV show.


T-Mobile dance at Liverpool station

Frozen Grand Central Station

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