Physical Limits in 3 and 4-ball Juggling Patterns

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I swear this guy is in some kind of anti-gravity room.

Job interview prank

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As Vitamin-T stepped up to the plate, I’ll have to share the video I was not talking about at lunch, enjoy.

Spiders and the Quest for Truth

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Where do the spiders that are often found on the windows of Chicago skyscrapers come from?  Perhaps the simplest explanation is that they climbed there from the ground below.  Well my friends, the simple explanation is not always the truth!  The June 2002 issue of Dwell, a modern architecture and design magazine, gives the following explanation:

“Immigrants from rural Michigan, the high-rise spiders make their way up the skyscrapers of downtown Chicago by surfing the southwesterly winds blowing across lake Michigan.  Genetically programmed to hitch a ride on the breeze while just days old, the spiders’ progress is halted by the skyscrapers fronting the lake. ‘Spiders balloon from place to place, that’s how they get around,’ says Louis Sorkin, an arachnologist at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.”

The full article is here.

I Smell a Firing in the Air

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Now that, kids, is why you should not surf the internet for porn while at work if there’s a live television camera a few feet away.

Surviving a Free Fall Out of a Plane

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The subject of sky diving, its attendant accident rate and the potential for pranks has been a topic of conversation around these parts, but there hasn’t been much discussion on how to survive a free fall. This Popular Mechanics article guides you to your best chances of survival after a 35,000 foot free fall. At the average adult reading rate of 250 words/minute, you will have just enough time to read the article before impact. Well, so long as you remember to start reading when you wake up at 22,000 feet. Because for the first minute or so, your oxygen-starved brain will cause you to pass out, which may not entirely be a bad thing.

On choosing a target to land on:

Glass hurts, but it gives. So does grass. Haystacks and bushes have cushioned surprised-to-be-alive free-fallers. Trees aren’t bad, though they tend to skewer. Snow? Absolutely. Swamps? With their mucky, plant-covered surface, even more awesome. Hamilton documents one case of a sky diver who, upon total parachute failure, was saved by bouncing off high-tension wires. Contrary to popular belief, water is an awful choice. Like concrete, liquid doesn’t compress. Hitting the ocean is essentially the same as colliding with a sidewalk, Hamilton explains, except that pavement (perhaps unfortunately) won’t “open up and swallow your shattered body.”

[ How to Fall 35,000 Feet - And Survive / Popular Mechanics ]

Pizza Delivery Prank

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The video would’ve been funnier if it had stopped when they opened the door, so I think it’s debatable whether the second half of the movie is a prank.

[ Pizza (Remi Gaillard) / Youtube ]

Hellbent for Cooking

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Looking for a headbanging new cookbook for yourself? Ready to trade in advice from Martha for tirades from Mayhem or Gwar? Annick Giroux has written an international heavy metal cookbook titled Hellbent for Cooking, chock full of recipes from metal bands, hailing from over 30 countries.

The dishes are actually mostly tame (e.g. no offal) regional recipes from the band’s country. Still, I would love to tuck into a bowl of Macaroni Against Monotheism (involves 666 g of ground pork, pasta sauce and macaroni), or to sip from Richard Christy from Death’s trademark cocktail (the mighty Viking Testicle).

[ Finally, A Heavy Metal Cookbook / SeriousEats ]

The 100 Cheesiest Movie Quotes of All Time

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Spotted this today and laughed hard enough to pass it on. It’s disturbing that I think I’ve seen almost all of these movies.

2 Euro Coins

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In case you were as curious as I was, Wikipedia has a pretty awesome article, pictures included.

As discussed at lunch, Jimmy Kimmel on Leno

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