The Original Transformers Movie

posted by Vitamin-T on 2009.05.05, under Vitamin-T

The second installment in the Transformers film franchise, titled “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”,  is due for release this June.  The special effects in this sequel will surely impress; but, if it’s anything like its predecessor, the film’s plot and acting will be disastrous.  I was especially disappointed in the first live-action Transformers movie because I, like many of you, was raised on the original Transformers cartoons.  What’s more, I was a proud owner of the original Transformers movie, released in 1986.  That movie was awesome!  It had a rad 80’s soundtrack; and, as for the plot, only minutes into the movie I was already in tears.  So reach for your inner child and brace yourself for what’s about to happen:

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