Talk Like Shakespeare Day

posted by Diomedes on 2009.04.21, under Diomedes

The bloggers at the IMO Blog currently reside in Chicago, so what is sure to be relevant news to us is the announcement that in celebration of Shakespeare’s birthday, Thursday will be “Talk Like Shakespeare Day”.

If you do chose to participate (and I know I will) I would encourage you to not mangle the language too horribly by regurgitating the most trite quotes in any tangential context, but rather do a bit of footwork and get into it.

I found a 101-guide for reading Shakespeare although it also includes a great glossary where you might look up a few words to toss into your speech along with some of his more common omissions of letters within words.

Although, if you will just be repeating the couple of quotes you know, please keep in mind the actual meaning of wherefore art thou and consider looking up the quote ahead of time to make sure you got it right as college was quite a few years ago for some of us.

Finally, if you’re more visual you might consider using one of these cool Shakespeare quote icons in your e-mails or online posts for the day. It’s a very cool website that you might enjoy looking over even if you’re not in Chicago.


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