Who needs raindeer when you can have a goat!

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This is an article confirming a lunch conversation about the Swedish holding onto past traditions.

Oh and apparently goats can tweet.


The fate of the mammoth

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I found this article that was posted today. It seems to address some of the lunch discussion on “When and why did the mammoth die?”

Christmas Light Hero

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We’ve all seen that crazy Ohio house decked out with synchronized Christmas lights, but in a new twist, these people have combined Guitar Hero with luminescent decorations to create Christmas Light Hero. The lights are controlled by a standard Wii guitar controller.

Wishing you a metal Christmas

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I’ve made it a sort of hobby to collect ridiculous awesome heavy metal Christmas songs. Each year I go out and buy another album or two. This year I found Raskaampaa Joulua, it’s all in Finnish (I think) but there are some real classics on there. However, for the most over the top Christmas song, I need to once again give the nod to Karkis for Secret Satan. If you watched it last year when I sent it out, enjoy it again. If this is your first time seeing it, prepare yourself for four and a half minutes of awesomeness.

I’ll take that drink to go… thanks

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Some interest popped up about this.  Thought I could save you some time researching so here is the link to the disposable flask.



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Forget Emergen-C, finally this is a flu prevention system I can approve of:

World’s first flu collector unveiled: Plan your sickness, develop antibodies for the flu and strengthen your immune system the natural way. The INFLU flu collector mask increases the prospect of getting the Swine flu (H1N1) as well as the regular seasonal flu with several hundred percent.

The INFLU flu collector mask has a battery driven micro-fan fitted on the inhalation valve that increases the intake of viruses in ambient air through the respiratory system. The comfortable and convenient mask can be worn in everyday situations such as while commuting to and from work.

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