Vegetarians, from the other point of view!

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I know this is an older video, but it came up at lunch today and a bunch of folks had never seen it. Linked here.

Download More RAM

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Free, fast and instant! I just downloaded a gig of RAM and my computer is zippier already!

Selected testimonials:

I told the IT guy in work about this and he was so happy he laughed out loud!
- Robb, (Dublin, IRL)

Since I downloaded more RAM, I immediately returned the RAM I bought just the other day from my local electronics store, John’s Electronics. The customer service there was great and they did not give me a hard time at all! If I ever have to buy another piece of electronics equipment I am definitely going to John’s Electronics. That’s John’s Electronics, for all your electronic needs.
- Anthony (John)

Awesome TED lecture on motivating creative people

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I don’t remember who linked me this, but I really enjoyed this lecture. It’s a quick 18 minutes and discusses applying the famous Candle Problem to motivating creative people in the workplace. It includes economic studies done by the Federal Reserve Bank and other large economic organizations.

Douchiest Colleges

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I never realized how many different types of Douches actually existed. We’ve all run into them on campus, on the street, at work, basically any time we leave the comfort of our own homes. Well now, GQ has helped us define 25 different categories of Douches based on university attendance and assigned creative names to each in their America’s 25 Douchiest Colleges list.

So next time you meet a Douche…try and figure out which type he (or I guess she) is for personal amusement!

Happy Douche Hunting! (hat tip to Heath for the link)

Nelson’s Blood, the story

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This is what I was mentioning at lunch. Admiral Nelson’s body was placed in rum to preserve it on the voyage back to England. Upon their return, it was discovered that the sailors had drunk the rum surrounding the dead body:

That and other drinking stories mentioned on CNN.

My apologies

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I accidentally published a test draft, the Publish and Preview buttons look dangerously similar when you haven’t had coffee yet. I apologize to anyone who got the last post in their RSS.

Off to press my long overdue first pot of the day.

50 Internet Infographics/Flowcharts

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For your procrastination pleasure, Coed rounds up some of the internet’s best infographics. Some of these have been previously publicized here, but there were many that were new to me. To whet your appetite, I’ll start off with “How much this graph reminds me of Mr. T”:

Other highlights:

Where Exactly is the Friend Zone, a demonstration in set theory

Features Offered by an Iphone and a Stone

A Guide to Understanding Flow Charts, for that extra-meta touch

Extreme Pool Jump

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An awesome clip of a guy rocketing down a hill and landing neatly in a pool:

Pretty nifty, eh? The comments section, of course, is littered with cynics shouting “FAKE!!1!” and unfortunately, a little digging reveals that the stunt is indeed a trick of the camera, and was intended as a viral ad campaign for Microsoft, to boot.

So, how did they really do it?

It’s a case of creative compositing, meaning that the clip we get to see is based on multiple elements that were combined together to create a final video. A stuntman slides down the slide, secured by a rope. Then there’s a body flying through the air, which is animated. And finally, the big splash. “He actually jumped from a wooden ramp into the pool,” explained Koenigs. Of course, you don’t get to see any of this in the final clip, thanks to careful editing that makes it look like a single take.

Here’s a short clip demonstrating the stunt technique:

Still hella cool, imo.

Do You Wanna Date My Avatar?

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In advance of BlizzCon, I thought I’d offer some dating advice for the virtually armored masses, a music video produced by the cast of The Guild, titled “Do You Wanna Date My Avatar?”:

My favorite line: “Grab the mouse and stroke the keys / Here in cyberspace, there’s no disease”

Sharif Don’t Like It

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A classic rock parody for your Tuesday morning: