Blogging the internets

posted by Heath on 2009.05.28, under Heath

Since this blog has been heavily focused on internet culture, I thought I would keep my first post on-topic.

First, from the British magazine Prospect (via NYT), apparently they need an e-mail tax:

The time has come for a public sector remedy: a tax, perhaps no more than 2p, or 3c, on every email sent. Opponents will argue that collecting the tax is impossible or unfair. Yet the status quo is unworkable. Since early 2007 the global volume of spam has more than trebled. To stop this blizzard of unwanted messages, ISPs and most large businesses spend a sizeable chunk of their IT budget filtering out obvious junk. Despite this, most of us spend time each day clicking “delete”—and the deluge is getting worse. A unit tax on email would stop most spam.

The article brings up many of the most obvious objections; however, IMO, life would be less interesting without random people sending me e-mails with titles like “Become Superman” and “You Russia lvoe is her!”

In other internet culture news, the president is apparently planning on appointing a cybersecurity czar.  The czar “will have the most comprehensive mandate granted to such an official to date and will probably be a member of the National Security Council but will report to the national security adviser as well as the senior White House economic adviser”.  The czar will also be tasked with making sure nobody hurts the talking kittens. (h/t INFRASTRUCTURIST)