Cake vs Pie Throwdown

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In an issue near and dear to many of our hearts, this post scientifically investigates the awesomeness of cake pitted against pie. Comes replete with useful graphs on unequal frosting distribution and marginal enjoyment of dessert items:

2.  Unequal frosting distribution is a problem


Pie exhibits much greater homogeneity than cake.  In cake, the highest concentration of awesomeness is found in the frosting.  The act of decorating a cake can polarize it and cause a dangerously uneven distribution of frosting, leading to discord and animosity during serving time.

4.  Pie is more scientifically versatile:

The forgone conclusion is that pie > cake by a landslide. For more, see the original post here.

Who needs raindeer when you can have a goat!

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This is an article confirming a lunch conversation about the Swedish holding onto past traditions.

Oh and apparently goats can tweet.

Mythical Creatures Venn Diagram

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In case you have trouble distinguishing your Griffin from your Cockatrice

Download More RAM

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Free, fast and instant! I just downloaded a gig of RAM and my computer is zippier already!

Selected testimonials:

I told the IT guy in work about this and he was so happy he laughed out loud!
- Robb, (Dublin, IRL)

Since I downloaded more RAM, I immediately returned the RAM I bought just the other day from my local electronics store, John’s Electronics. The customer service there was great and they did not give me a hard time at all! If I ever have to buy another piece of electronics equipment I am definitely going to John’s Electronics. That’s John’s Electronics, for all your electronic needs.
- Anthony (John)

Sharif Don’t Like It

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A classic rock parody for your Tuesday morning: