Job interview prank

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As Vitamin-T stepped up to the plate, I’ll have to share the video I was not talking about at lunch, enjoy.

The 100 Cheesiest Movie Quotes of All Time

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Spotted this today and laughed hard enough to pass it on. It’s disturbing that I think I’ve seen almost all of these movies.

2 Euro Coins

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In case you were as curious as I was, Wikipedia has a pretty awesome article, pictures included.

As discussed at lunch, Jimmy Kimmel on Leno

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Because Metal Fans can laugh too

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This was sent to me today by a fellow concert goer, the Death Metal Rooster.

The fate of the mammoth

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I found this article that was posted today. It seems to address some of the lunch discussion on “When and why did the mammoth die?”

Wishing you a metal Christmas

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I’ve made it a sort of hobby to collect ridiculous awesome heavy metal Christmas songs. Each year I go out and buy another album or two. This year I found Raskaampaa Joulua, it’s all in Finnish (I think) but there are some real classics on there. However, for the most over the top Christmas song, I need to once again give the nod to Karkis for Secret Satan. If you watched it last year when I sent it out, enjoy it again. If this is your first time seeing it, prepare yourself for four and a half minutes of awesomeness.

In response to the “Google makes you dumb” crowd

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There have been sharply divided opinions on this topic at the lunch table, so I figured I’d link this article spotted in Science Daily discussing the increased brain activity associated with internet usage. I realize this isn’t google usage per se, but they do explicitly mention internet searches as one of the stimulating functions.

Practical jokes that toe the line

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Japanese prank shows reach new heights in this clip. The hysterical laughter from the audience as the man begs for his life was my favorite part.

More effective PSA

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I would have listened to this kind of poster as a kid.

Spotted on BoingBoing.